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Iceni Magazine | August 12, 2022

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Why I want a Lamborghini

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Thank you to James Neale Photography for the image.


When I was younger I always favored the underdog, often for no good reason, but I usually managed to invent one.

For example I always build my desktop PCs with an AMD processor instead of an Intel processor. When everyone else had the vapourised Maroon Raleigh Mustang, I got the black and white one. All my friends at school had a ZX Spectrum and I had an Acorn Electron. I even had a betamax video player once, but that’s another story.

My dad loves and has always taken part in motorsport. Hill climbs, sprints, classic car trials and more. He even started the local branch of the TR Register (a group for Triumph TR enthusiasts). So I grew up with fast cars all around me and I’ve always liked speed. I often joke that the way I live my life is bigger, better, faster, more. Now I’m approaching 40 it feels more like just bigger! Before I got married I used to have a green Triumph TR 7 with a 3.5ltr, 175 bhp V8. Maybe now is the time to get another one, but that is also another story.

In the summer of 2005 I saw Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall and as I walked up from South Kensington tube station there was a Lamborghini parked on Exhibition Road. A little later on I saw it driving around the edge of Kensington Gardens. It looked and sounded amazing. I was hooked.

When I worked at Canary Wharf I was surrounded by Ferraris, Aston Martins and even the odd Maserati. Expensive fast cars were everywhere, Michael Schumacher had won his seventh world championship a couple of years before and the last five were with Ferrari. Even the road going supercars tend to be rather highly strung and need a lot of maintenance and Lamborghini’s are no different. So I decided there and then that when I got to the point in my career I could afford a supercar, it needed to be a Lamborghini. It just wouldn’t be a yellow or an orange one. Besides, my dad is constantly toying with the idea of getting a Maserati so my chance with one of those will come.

Things are different now. For example, I have an iPhone because it’s the best tool for the job. If I was still blindly supporting the underdog, I’d have an Android or a Windows phone. I try to always make sensible decisions, based on fact, reason and sometimes gut feeling, but when it comes to a supercar, I still intend to favour the underdog.

Article By Paul Grenyer Director At Naked Element

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