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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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Facts and Tips Regarding Ash Wood Flooring


Why Ash Wood Flooring is a Winner

The ash tree is a perfect specimen for obtaining wood that is resilient and strong. Tougher than oak, but elastic in properties, products like baseball bats, pool cues and hunting bows are made from this incredible wood. Recognizing these facts, ash gains high marks in use for hard wood for floors. Here are some other facts and tips regarding ash wood flooring.

What is the Appearance of Ash Wood Flooring?

Ash wood flooring does not resemble any other type of wood. Light in colour and gracefully grained, the natural appearance forms a warm and open feel to any room. There are different types of ash that are made into flooring planks, such as white ash, olive ash, Hackberry, Sassafrass and black ash. Black ash is a golden brown in shade, but is not black, as the name implies. White ash is the most prevalent for product use and is easy to work with when staining. Shades from yellow to golden brown are often used with decors, or they can be stained to create a weathered grey look.

What Rooms Benefit from the Look of Ash Wood?

While the kitchen is a favourite for consumers, any room in the house will appear remarkably larger and brighter when laying down Ash wood planks. Light colours always expand the length and depth of an area. Also, the increased shock resistant nature of ash makes high-traffic areas less vulnerable to scars and dents. A child’s bedroom or an entrance way can both benefit from this type of hard wood flooring. Understanding the facts and tips regarding ash wood flooring can make one stop and think about why a kitchen floor receives no scars when utensils or cups are dropped on the surface.

Decor Friendly Elements

Hardwood floors are becoming a regular decorating tool in newly built and refurbished homes. Different decors may call for certain tones of wood flooring. For example, a stately home that features rich period furniture is often lined with mahogany or cherry flooring. While quality wood planks have a long life, a new owner may not have the same tastes in style. By using a lighter and more resilient type of wood, such as ash, there are many options in design that can be used.

What Type of Spaces are Recommended for Ash Wood Flooring?

Ash wood flooring can be used in large open spaces, as well as small closed-in rooms. An open living area usually has the same type of flooring to keep a flowing look. Where a kitchen and living space are shared, the durability and beauty of ash wood floors brings together the open space without being overbearing. Small rooms, on the other hand, need light to reflect and stretch the space that is void. Ash delivers this without the addition of lots of artificial light. An enclosed sun room is another space where the natural appearance of ash wood captures the colours from outside.

Always be sure to use a reputable company, like Just Wood, to have a professional looking job. Quality materials, plus expert installers make a huge difference in creating just the right look for Ash wood. Visit their website at and see the difference in knowledge and perfection that this company has to offer. As ash wood flooring becomes more prominent in the home, consider the reasons why homeowners are making this choice. Sometimes just knowing the facts and tips regarding ash wood flooring can make a big difference in making choices.

Article by Lauren Williamson

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