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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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What Makes The Quintessentially British Holiday?

What Makes The Quintessentially British Holiday?

We all like to be beside the seaside, but over the last few years the British coast has been somewhat under appreciated.

With low cost flights and more consistent weather, we’ve started to take the British seaside for granted. Swapping the piers for piazzas and penny arcades for pina coladas. That was until this year, anyway.

A global pandemic has seen British holidaymakers flock to the likes of Brighton, Blackpool and Bournemouth and enjoy the quintessentially British holiday once more.

Towns like those mentioned above are even outpacing London in their economic recovery, and that’s expected to continue into September and potentially even 2021.

It’s the return a staycation that has been enjoyed for generations, but what exactly makes the quintessential British holiday?

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

Nothing beats fish and chips sat on the beach, and nowhere inland does the great tradition as well as the seaside. It’s a lunch stop for every visitor and something you should not avoid if you’re at the seaside.

The likes of Whitby, Scarborough and Morecambe are well known for their fish and chips, with the former often considered the very best. BT recently revealed the top 10 seaside towns for fish and chips, which were:

  1. Whitby
  2. Scarborough
  3. Cleethorpes
  4. Blackpool
  5. Morecambe
  6. Hastings
  7. Aldeburgh
  8. Looe
  9. Braunton
  10. Littlehampton



Today bingo is one of the most popular games and pastimes in the UK. Online it’s taken on a new lease of life and is an industry worth billions. There are more players than ever before enjoying sites such as, and while there are all manner of different variants that offer more exciting play than ever before, there’s still something romantic about a game by the sea.

In every amusement arcade and promenade has bingo shops and mini bingo halls where you can enjoy the game, and really do make many seafronts as iconic as they are.

Ice Cream

ice cream

If fish and chips are for lunch, then it’s certainly an ice cream for pudding.

The ice cream is just as iconic and a must have on any staycation. You’ll find some incredible ice cream parlours lining the coast, such as Notarianni’s in Blackpool and Morelli’s in Portstewart, as well as many ice cream vans and huts to keep you refreshed on the beaches.

Have it with a flake, with raspberry ripple, whatever you like, just make sure the seagulls don’t try and pinch it!

What is your favourite thing about the seaside

Fish & Chips
Ice Cream
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Crabbing has always been a good way to spend an hour or so, particularly in more northerly seaside towns and harbours, with the thrill of catching a crab one of the highlights of a trip.

Scarborough and Whitby are hugely popular with tourists for this and all you really need to do is dangle a bucket and a piece of string into the sea and try your luck.

Many shops lining the coast will sell crabbing kits for just a couple of pounds, and in the sunshine it is just as relaxing as lying on the beach.

The Great British Weather

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing more quintessentially British when it comes to holidaying than bad weather!

It can be perfectly lovely upon your arrival to the seaside, but one gust of wind and the rains come down and you’re left open to the elements with a soggy bag of chips and a burning desire to get back in the car and drive home.

We joke, there are many nice days you can have by the seaside, but it is almost always worth packing for all conditions, no matter what the weather forecast tells you!


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