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Iceni Magazine | October 17, 2021

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How to use the Instagram Carousel feature to promote your business

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Back in February this year Instagram started to roll out their new Carousel feature to everyone –  which had previously only been available for Advertisers.

As you’re probably aware the Carousel feature allows you to choose multiple photos or videos to feature in a single swipeable Instagram post.

If you’ve not tried this feature yet or have just overlooked it – take a moment to consider how you could utilise this for your business and do something a bit different!

There’s a variety of ways that you could use this new feature, but here’s just a couple to spark your imagination…

Step by Step

With the swipeable nature of this new feature the idea of showing a step by step process is an obvious option. This would be ideal if you’re trying to show make-up techniques, mens grooming techniques (beards and beard care are big at the moment), recipe ideas, DIY instructions or whatever you can imagine. Here’s a great example of a recipe step by step by @williamssonoma


Show someone around your ‘business’ but without costly time consuming virtual tours – why not consider using a series of photos or videos to give viewers a ‘walkthrough’ for your product or service. For instance if you’re an estate agent / holiday company you could use this to really show off a great room or location.

Panoramic Canvas 

If your product or service has that ‘wow’ factor you could crop down a panoramic photo into smaller sections and give the viewer a chance to swipe forwards and backwards to explore in detail. Here’s a great one from @returnofthecaferacers


If you’ve got multiple ‘products’ in a range, rather than forcing your viewers to enlarge a collage photo this feature gives you the option to display your entire range (hopefully) across multiple full size photos/videos. Here’s a recent example from @BananaRepublic

A day in the life…

If you’re more prolific on Instagram and post a lot during the day why not consider creating a post that collates all your top days’ photos into a photographic post summary of your day.


So there you go, just a few ideas on how your business could leverage the Instagram Carousels feature.

Instagram, Carousel, social, media, business, tips, hintsIf you need more information or help on how Instagram could work for your business please get in touch with me at or at @PKirk_designer

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