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Iceni Magazine | July 7, 2020

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How To Vine Like A Boss

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How To Vine Like A Boss

If you’re thinking about getting into Vine, now is the right time. The six-second sensation is storming social media; an estimated 40 million people use the video-sharing app. Amongst those users are comedians, musicians, animators and perhaps, in a few hours, you. Vine’s scope may seem daunting to a newcomer. Knowing this, we’ve compiled this guide to get you started. From ‘how to shoot’ to ‘who to follow’, we’ve got you covered.

About Vine

In short, Vine is a platform for sharing snappy videos. It’s like Instagram, but for moving visual images. The app went public in January 2013, having been bought by Twitter 4 months before.

Twitter’s risk has certainly paid off. Vine now boasts 1.5 billion loops (video plays) daily. That’s half a trillion loops every year. Alongside unprecedented popularity, Vine has spawned a distinctive blend of creatives. With nothing but a smartphone and bright ideas, averages Joes and Jane’s become marketing gurus, animators, comedians, cinematographers and ‘Vine celebrities’. Tempted? Install the app.

Getting Started

Vine is free to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. After installing, you’ll be asked to sign in with your email address or Twitter account. Next, press the + sign in the top-right corner. This allows you to add friends from your phone contacts or Twitter followers list.

Want to follow Viners who aren’t your mates? Discover popular/trending users with the Explore tab.

Creating Your First Video

1. Find some inspiration. Whether you’ve devised a hilarious parody or found a muse on your daily commute, a strong idea wins viewers over.

2. Frame your shot. Make like a cinematographer – consider position and angle. Vine only offers a square crop, so record with this in mind.

3. Perfect lighting. Play about with light. Close your blinds, move outside, shift your desk lamp. Vine doesn’t have white balance control, so sort lighting out before recording.

4. Start recording. Press the camera icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Hold your finger to the screen to start recording. Release to pause.

5. Get creative. Across the bottom of the screen, there are several options to experiment with. There’s a front-facing camera, a 3×3 grid, a ghosting tool and a Save Draft button. The grid enables you to follow the rule of thirds¸ whereas the ghosting tool lets you view the last captured frame. Remember, you have six seconds max!

6. Edit your Vine. To preview your finished Vine, press the arrow in the top-right corner of the screen. To rearrange your Vine, press the edit button and drag clips onto the desired place on your timeline.

7. Save your Vine. Press Save, then press the green checkmark at the bottom of your screen. Vine will take you to a Share screen. Here you can add a caption, hashtags, location and channel tag.

Handy Tips

1. Create shorter videos. If six seconds is too much, you can stop recording sooner. After three seconds, you can tap a checkbox in the lower-right corner to save.

2. Practice the perfect loop. Vine videos repeat by default. Stop your Vine from looking jumpy by creating a continuous loop. How? End the Vine with a copy of the opening frame.

3. Use lenses for varying effects. Create your own lense: try shooting through a bottle or plastic for a dream-like effect. If old-skool hip-hop is more your style, use a fisheye lens.

4. Stay Steady. No one likes a shaky video. Use a tripod to stabilise your shots. Portable tripods such as the GorillaPod are recommended.

5. Browse for inspiration.  If you’re stuck for ideas, use the Explore tab or scan through the following list.

5 Awesome People to Follow

1. Jimmy Fallon – Everyone’s favourite TV host is on Vine. Tune in for six-second funnies.

2. Jethro Ames – Jethro dishes out unique fashion and lifestyle advice. Check out his #howto Vines.

3. Pinot – Pinot uses Vine to breathe life into 2D sketches. A brilliant artist, his series is incredibly popular.

4. Cole Rise – Rise is a quintessential Vine creative. The San Francisco-based user experiments with photography and makes captivating travel Vines.

5. Alison Stevenson – Short, clever and addictive comedy skits. What’s not to like?

There’s so much you can do in six seconds and these Viners prove it. Use our beginners guide to get in on the action. Download Vine and get creative within seconds. Good luck!

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