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Iceni Magazine | May 28, 2022

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What are the top mattresses out there can help you with back pain?

What are the top mattresses out there can help you with back pain?

Whenever we suffer from a chronic back pain, all we feel like running towards our bed and relax for a while.

Millions of people in the world go through this problem every day and curse their luck. People suffering this problem feel like all their joints being removed from their bodies. You may also be a victim of this problem.

If so, your back needs rest. It needs relaxation. A good mattress will give you enough relaxation.  Even our posture becomes crooked if we use a bad mattress for a long time. Our shoulder and lower back position are also hampered due to this problem.

Here in this article, you are going to read about all the best Mattresses for back pain available out there and also what makes them so good.

Five best Mattresses for back pain:

You must use a mattress that will give you the most comfort for your back and also support your neck and lower back. There are plenty of mattresses out there which claims to help with relieving back pain but how would you know that which one suits your problem best, right?

For this exact reason, we have listed out top 5 picks. But you should be aware of the fact that we didn’t list them as good from bad or any particular order. All of them are good and has a lot of positive feedbacks already!

  1. Nectar Mattress:

Nectar Mattress is made of high-density memory foam. It is built for long-term support. The mid-level firmness in it will give you proper support as well. It is neither too hard nor too soft. If you are worried about the price, then this mattress offers you a lot more advantages compared to its cost. Better quality foams have been used to make it.

The gel memory foam quilted beneath of the cover contours the mattress well. You can consider the gel memory foam as the nectar of the mattress. You can switch side without making any noise.

This mattress will last for 7-8 years. You will get one year of sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Motion isolation in this price will amaze you. This mattress can provide pain relief in the back and shoulder and other sensitive areas of your body.

  1. Level-sleep Mattress:

Level sleep Mattress is a tri support mattress. It is built with memory foam comfort layer. Also, it has high-density poly foam support care. This mattress is washable. The mattress cover is made from stretch polyester.

The comfort layer of this mattress is divided into three zones. The zones on the mattress differ the firmness settings. The bed is soft. Your neck and shoulder will get good support. The only lacking it has is weak edge support.

Shipping is free. The price of this mattress is higher than the others. This mattress is noiseless, and it has excellent motion isolation. Overall, it’s considered one of the best mattress for back pain out there for you and your back.

  1. Dream Cloud Mattress:

Dream Cloud Mattress is everything that a quality mattress should be. The mattress has 8 different layers of support. It is made of made of those materials that only offer comfort. Also, a mix of memory foam and latex layer has been used to make it. At the topmost comfort layer, you will find gel memory foam.

This quality comfort material made mattress is better than all hybrids. It does not give you contouring to bed. You simply can sink into this mattress. It is light and easy to move.

It is your luxury mattress in low budget. It comes with a lifetime warranty. You can get free delivery in 48 different states.

  1. Eight Sleep Mattress:

The Eight Sleep Company sells three different types of mattresses. The Saturn, the Jupiter, The Mars. It makes both memory foam and hybrid smart mattresses.

There are eight smart covers for this mattress. You can program your alarm, bed temperature with it.

The Saturn is built with a top layer of memory foam in the comfort system. The Jupiter has three layers: Reactive Memory, Contouring Memory, transitional Poly-foam. The Mars is a hybrid mattress model. You will get a 100-night free trial and 10% discount depending on your profession.

  1. Allswell Home Mattress:

Allswell Home mattress is known as classic luxe mattress. It is made of poly-foam comfort layer and poly-foam quilted cover. This mattress is a pressure point relief provider. It is one of the newest models in our list.

The mattress is more suitable for those who weigh over 130 pounds. It will not make any noise and has excellent motion isolation. Price is also appropriate. You will get free shipping over 50 states.


Your mattress does not need to be the most expensive one. As your back will not understand the price tags, it knows comfort. Firm mattresses are better than soft ones because of your sleep matters than any other thing in the world. If you are someone who is regularly suffering from chronic back pain, we suggest that you select one of those mattresses from here.


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