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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Feeling Stressed? Try These Relaxation Tips

Feeling Stressed? Try These Relaxation Tips

Stress is something many people experience daily, and it can have a significant impact on your life.

Having a little bit of stress in your life can be helpful; without the stress response, no one would react in threatening situations. But, having too much stress in your life can lead to more severe problems.

Constantly feeling in a stressed-out state could mean you are suffering from chronic stress. Chronic stress not only feels unpleasant but can also become a significant threat to your health. Chronic stress can impact both your physical and mental health and manifest itself in the form of anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, and pain, plus digestive issues. People who experience chronic stress may also be at an increased risk of more severe conditions such as heart disease and stroke. So, finding stress reduction methods that work well for you is crucial to prevent stress from damaging your health.

If you find it difficult to relax and are looking for solutions to help with this, you may want to give some of these methods a try to gain some relief from your stress:

Identify the Cause

Identifying the cause of your stress is an excellent way to get back control of your life. Many people find that when their stress levels are high, they become entangled in their feelings of stress and these feelings snowball, making it hard for them to identify the exact cause. Thinking about the factors contributing to your stress is really helpful. Being able to pinpoint precisely what is causing you to feel stressed is your first step towards taking back control, and you may be surprised by the root cause.

Step Outside

Getting outside can profoundly affect your stress levels. Many people find being outdoors and surrounded by nature makes them feel a lot calmer and gives their mental health a significant boost. Stepping outside to go for a walk, visit the countryside, or even sit in your garden can all help you feel less stressed. Next time you feel stressed, try getting outside to enjoy the combined benefits of a change of scenery, sunlight, and fresh air, and you are sure to feel a lot better afterwards.

Try an Alternative Approach

One increasingly popular product that people are using to ease anxiety is CBD. Companies such as the CBDistillery produce a range of CBD products that can be used to help alleviate anxiety and aid relaxation. CBD products come in various different forms, such as tinctures and gummies, so using them is incredibly simple and could help you cope with your feelings of stress.

Use Mindfulness Techniques

Feeling stressed can make it difficult to think clearly. When your mind is whirring with worry, and you constantly feel under pressure, you may struggle to break free from the endless chatter in your mind. Mindfulness is a handy tool for these times and will help you focus your attention on what is happening here and now while letting go of worries about the future.

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