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Iceni Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Time to Unwined

The Unwined, is a 4-in-1 wine tool that comes with all the gadgets you need to open, pour and preserve your favourite bottles of wine. Along with the single-motion corkscrew you also get a foil cuter for removing that pesky foil, a aerator pour which will aerate your wine improving the flavours and aromas as you pour and a stopper to keep your wine fresh ready for when you next fancy a glass.


The easy to use single-motion corkscrews means you’ll never have any trouble opening a bottle of wine again. Simply screw it into the cork and continue to turn in the same direction until the cork is fully removed from the bottle. This means no more tugging and pulling to get the cork out and no more embarrassing broken cork moments!

Perfect for a quiet night in sharing a bottle or for parties where your guests won’t wait whilst you struggle opening the wine. With beautiful packaging which perfectly explains how the different tools work the Unwined makes the perfect gifts for wine lovers!

  • Built in aerator
  • No-drip pourer speeds up the breathing process to enhance the flavour and finish of any wine
  • Built in stopper
  • Easy twist corkscrew
  • Integrated foil cutter
  • Hand wash recommended

The Root 7 Unwined is available from House of Fraser for £19.99

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