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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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The Top 5 Boiler Maintenance Tips

The Top 5 Boiler Maintenance Tips

The boiler plays one of the most vital functions in keeping your home warm and comfortable, especially when it is cold outside.

This is one of the reasons you want to make sure your boiler system is in tip-top condition months before the cold season sets in. Proper boiler servicing and maintenance, however helps minimize the risk of the dreaded breakdown. Boiler breakdowns, especially in winter, can make your life almost unbearable and, worst of all, very expensive to repair. Having your boiler serviced by a professional, similar to a service like Bbright, at least twice per year can help prevent such from happening. You, too, can take a proactive approach in ensuring the boiler is always in good condition. Here are some of the ways you can care for your boiler.

  1. Ensure All Pipes Are Properly Insulated

Frozen and burst pipes are a common occurrence in winter. This mainly happens if/when a part of or the entire piping isn’t properly insulated, exposing it to subzero temperatures. During one of the weekends, make time to inspect and insulate all pipes that seem to be exposed. You could either do this in a DIY or hire an expert.

  1. Give The Boiler A Break

Like every other equipment, the boiler should be allowed some ‘rest’ time at least once per year. Experts recommend turning the boiler off for at least 15 minutes when it’s warmer outside, preferably after winter or summer.   You might also want to switch it to hot water only if turning it off isn’t an option. Doing so should allow the major components to cool off or even reset.

  1. Ensure It Is Kept At The Right Pressure

Boilers need to build pressure to between 1 and 1.5 bar to run efficiently. Most manufacturers will have a dial conveniently placed at the front side of the boiler to help you monitor and set the right pressure. Check and set the correct pressure regularly or as needed to avoid straining your boiler. Consult your manual for help with your specific brand/type.

  1. Power Flush Every Once In A While

Sludge will naturally start to build up in the boiler system over time, affecting its efficiency. You can, however, have the boiler deep cleaned to remove all the sludge and any other foreign materials inside. Although you might be able to deep clean the boiler yourself, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

  1. Have The Boiler Serviced By An Expert Regularly

In addition to keeping the most basic aspects of the boiler in tip-top condition, you still should consider signing up for annual servicing by an authorized and certified engineer, click here for more information. Getting your boiler serviced at least once annually can help breathe more life into it and also reduces the risk of regular breakdowns. This is because the experts will diagnose, repair, and replace any broken/loose parts before it’s too late. The engineer will also advise you on what should be done to improve its efficiency and durability.

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