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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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Study finds that Millions of Brits love drama in their lives

Study finds that Millions of Brits love drama in their lives

Millions of Brits love drama in their lives, a study has revealed.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults found one in five consider themselves ‘drama magnets’ who spark gossip wherever they go.

The study also revealed 52 per cent think they have put their more dramatic tendencies behind them as they have grown older and wiser.

It also emerged the average Brit reckons their life was at its most exciting and turbulent best at 26.

By contrast another two in five prefer their drama to come from TV shows, while half choose drama as one of their favourite genres of entertainment.

The study was commissioned by TV channel Sky Witness, where viewers get to witness the best of U.S. drama unfold.

A spokesperson for Sky Witness said: “Life wouldn’t be very interesting without a bit of dramatic flair now and then, and it doesn’t hurt to indulge in our dramatic tendencies.

“Our study shows Brits are never too far from the action, and Sky Witness shows are ready to give fans a great daily dose of dramatic entertainment when the cravings strike.”

Nearly half of those surveyed said they know someone in their social circle who is ‘addicted to drama’.

Thirty five per cent of Brits think you can identify a ‘drama magnet’ from their social media usage, posting about their feelings regularly to discuss with their friendship group.

And 70 per cent think social media has had a role to play in creating those addicted to drama.

The study, conducted by, also explored some of the little dramas which find their way into the everyday lives of Brits.

One in three feel a dramatic streak coming on when they can’t decide what to have to eat for a meal.

Twenty three per cent regularly experience the drama of trying to organise a group of friends for a night out or meet-up, and one in four find drama in being unable to pick an outfit for the day ahead.

Article by Grant Bailey

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