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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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A Second Hand Car Buyer’s Guide

Even with new cars consistently being introduced, and new features being debuted, many motorists still prefer to purchase second hand.

Aside from the obvious advantage of a used car costing far less than a newer model, there are other reasons for people opting to buy second hand vehicles. The scope for choice is much wider, they won’t depreciate the moment you drive it out of the showroom and you won’t be as worried over minor scratches and dents.

First Aid Wheels ( created this infographic guide to buying a car second hand. It advises as to the purchasing options for used cars, be it through a dealership, private seller or auction, as well as a series of checks that you should perform when looking at a second hand car. Take the time to fully inspect the car inside and out for any damage, and also test all of the controls and pedals to ensure that they are in working order. While any car being advertised should be of merchantable quality, particularly if stocked by a dealership, the last thing you want is to part with money for a vehicle that lets you down almost immediately.

There’s also a series of questions that you should ask the seller when looking at a second hand car. These are included in the infographic below, which gives a well-informed guide to purchasing used cars. Take a look below.


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