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Iceni Magazine | May 28, 2022

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Revisit Some Old Home Economics Skills To Improve Your Life

Revisit Some Old Home Economics Skills To Imorove Your Life

Though you may shudder at the memory. All of those things you learned (or should have done) in home ec, can improve your home and other areas of your life.

Home economics as a subject gained somewhat of a bad reputation, as many schools excluded boys from the classes, reinforcing the age-old stereotypes that cooking, cleaning and running the home was something women had to do, while the boys did more interesting topics which would lead them to successful careers.

Obviously, this is completely sexist and not reflective of what we as a society should be striving for, but the skills at the heart of home ec are valuable ones and are becoming somewhat of a lost art.

Here’s how you can put yours to use to improve your lifestyle whether you’re a man or woman.

Create high-end soft furnishings

Sewing is a fantastic skill to have. It can save you money by allowing you to mend clothes rather than throw them away and is always handy if you lose a button.

But you can also create some amazing things for your home too. You can buy fabric online and use it to make cushions, throws, curtains, blinds and much more. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be able to find really interesting and beautiful fabrics that aren’t widely available in stores, so you won’t have the same look like everyone else.

Tackle your budget

Running a home, even if it’s just you living in it, takes a lot of juggling. You need to deal with bills, shopping, repairs and insurance. Learning how to set and monitor your home budget is a great skill to have. It will ensure that you have the best deals, don’t waste money and that your bills are paid on time.

Improve your diet

Modern life, convenience food and apps that can make food appear at your door in minutes are all contributing to unhealthy lifestyles. Learning to cook from scratch, plan meals and shop efficiently are all skills that are being lost, but can benefit you in so many ways. Not only will you be eating less processed food, but you’ll also be saving money on groceries as well as being proud of the fact that you have an amazing skill to create many beautiful recipes.

If you have a family, it’s also a great example to set for the kids if they see their mother and father cooking and eating fresh foods, rather than just reaching for a takeout. These healthy habits will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Sometimes, you need to go back to basics to get the best out of a situation. Even if you hated it the first time aroud, those cooking and sewing classes at school are still skills that you can utilise in later life. If you weren’t taught these, it’s never too late to learn a new skill and reap the benefits of them in your life.

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