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Iceni Magazine | January 20, 2021

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How the Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification will help you get a fantastic job

How the Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification will help you get a fantastic job

Undoubtedly, more recognized and valid certifications, you will have on your resume, more are your chances of landing a good job.

This is because recruiters prefer hiring certified professionals for the organizations they work for rather than going ahead with non-certified candidates. It is because of this reason; we are witnessing a huge rise of candidates registering for certifications like PMP and Prince2 with the sole aim of making their resume look more attractive as compared to non-certified persons. The principal reason for attraction towards Prince2 and PMP is the salaries that the certified employees receive, which is significantly higher than the non-certified employees. If you are looking to go for a Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification or PMP certification, you might have a lot of questions in your mind. The most important question being, ‘Will Prince2 or PMP certification help you in securing a fantastic job?’ In this post, we are attempting to answer most of the questions and queries that might be running in your mind regarding the certifications.

Role Played by Prince2 or PMP Certification in Securing your Dream Job

  • Your resume attracts the employers

When you have a globally recognized certification in your resume, undoubtedly, you will stand out amongst all the non-certified candidates and the employers will be more than willing to hire you for the organization they work for. Employers have high regard for PMP and Prince2 certification as both demonstrate that you have the required expertise, knowledge, and skills to effectively and efficaciously manage the running projects. If you are just beginning out in the field of project management then you must go ahead with Prince2 certification as, unlike PMP, you don’t have to fulfill any kind of prerequisites before taking up the Prince2 certification. PMP certification is for those who are already in the role of project management and want to take their career to the next level. Often, employers utilize these certifications as parameters to filter down the candidates. When the number of candidates turned up for the interview are more, employers often utilize these certifications in the first round to filter the candidates. Therefore, at this moment if your resume has the required certification you will easily move one step ahead of the non-certified candidates. However, if you don’t have a certification, you will most likely lose on your chances to acquire your dream job. Hence, if you are thinking of acquiring a project management certification, do not give a second thought and go ahead with them.

Moreover, when you have the certification proof on paper, you put yourself in a very good position to negotiate your role and especially the salary with your employers. Due to the ever-increasing demand for certified project management professionals, there are very few chances that your employers will refuse to proceed with your demands. They have to agree to the significant portion of your demands. Hence, you enjoy the benefit of receiving more salary as compared to the non-certified candidates.

  • You acquire the knowledge of the common project language

There is a global language for project management that includes the terms and phrases utilized worldwide. If you want to acquire the knowledge of this global standard language of project management, then a project management certification is a must. Companies prefer hiring certified professionals in the role of project management as the certification on their resume clearly states that they have the know-how of the global standard language of project management and would not face any kind of difficulty in understanding and using the terminology. On the other hand, companies might have to spend a significantly extra portion of their budget on training the non-certified candidates in the standard language of project management. Undoubtedly, no organization will wish for this. Therefore, they directly hire candidates who are in possession of the globally recognized project management certifications. Without the certifications, a candidate might not able to clearly state and understand the project goals, associated risks, deadlines, and the stakeholders involved. However, candidates with the project management certifications will face no problem like this and possess the capability to start working on the project on the very first day. This automatically makes certified candidates more preferable to employers. You might have the skill but if you do not have proof about the same on the paper, your skills are useless in the competitive scenario that exists nowadays. Also, if you understand the standard project management language, it will be far easier for you to communicate with the client and vendors and exchange project related information.

  • You become an in-demand professional

The field of project management is not constant. There are changes happening to the methodologies utilized to handle the projects. Moreover, the number of projects, irrespective of the industry, is increasing each day. Also, all the projects cannot be of the same size. Some are small, others are medium, and some are on the large-scale. All these factors contribute to the increase in demand for certified project managers. Hence, by acquiring Prince2 or PMP certification, you become an in-demand professional. Every organization, whether big or small, is looking for certified project management professionals. Moreover, when you have PMP or Prince2 certification on your resume, you are generally immune to any kind of economic downturn or recessions. This is because a company needs certified professionals more than ever in the face of economic downturn, who can handle projects skillfully in order to take their organization out of the financial puddle which the organization struggles to come out of during recession. Hence, with PMP and Prince2 certifications, you not only become an in-demand professional but you also secure your future. You don’t have to worry much about layoffs as compared to your non-certified counterparts.

  • You are not limited to a single industry

Please note that these project management certifications are not beneficial solely for the IT Employees or those who are looking to enter in the IT Industry. Instead, these certifications carry recognition and relevancy in almost all the industries. Be it education, healthcare, automobile industry or any other industry, Prince2 and PMP are valid everywhere. This is because, these are project management certifications and every industry, nowadays, are dealing with a huge number of projects for which there exist extremely limited human resources. Hence, Prince2 and PMP are valid in almost every industry. Therefore, by acquiring Prince2 or PMP certification, you are not limiting yourself to a single industry. The whole world outside is waiting to hire certified professionals like you. Hence, you get a big boost in your career growth once you acquire Prince2 or PMP certifications. Whatever organization you wish to move, irrespective of the industry the organization belongs to, you can easily move there. Instead, the organization will be more than happy to welcome you to work for them. As mentioned in the above point, by acquiring these project management certifications, you are making yourself immune to layoffs and economic downturns as well thereby securing your future. Since you are open to going to any organization you wish to, you are double-securing and fortifying your future through these project management certifications. On one hand, you are immune to layoffs and on the other hand, you can move to any organization you wish to.

Final Words

We think, by now, you must have understood the role played by project management certifications in aiding and assisting you in landing your dream job. We hope you have got all your questions and queries answered. So, if you are thinking of acquiring Prince2, PMP, or other project management certifications, go for the same without a second thought and secure your future.

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