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Iceni Magazine | May 11, 2021

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Post Lockdown, Spending The Weekend With A Friend? What To Consider

Post Lockdown, Spending The Weekend

With vaccinations steadily improving the COVID-19 situation in the UK, the country is finally heading back towards some semblance of normality.

That means restrictions are disappearing, and in their place, people have increasing freedom to do what they want.

For many, this means finally getting to spend time with those they’ve been separated from for months. It’s an exciting time for sure, especially as being around them will probably do wonders for people’s mental wellbeing. Just make sure you consider these four things if you’re going to be spending a weekend with someone.

Continue To Prioritise Safety

As the country moves out of lockdowns and back to how life was before, safety fears will likely die down. People will see the lifting of restrictions as a sign that the UK is safe again, and therefore start to ditch the protective measure that proved so important after the last year.

However, it’s important not to get carried away. We’re not technically out of the woods yet, and relaxing too fast could reverse some of the hard work that’s been done. This doesn’t mean you need to continue wearing masks and social distancing for the rest of your life. It does mean, though, that if you’re going to spend a weekend with someone, you should continue to maintain good hygiene. By washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, and not coughing out in the open, you can make your weekend a safer one.

Be Prepared For Crowds

With the country opening up, you’re probably eager to get out and do more than you’ve been able to over the last few months. Unfortunately, that’s the same mindset that millions of others across the country have right now too.

When it comes to your weekend with a friend, be prepared for crowds in a lot of places. Even if weeks have passed since certain restrictions were lifted, people aren’t going to give up enjoying their new freedom anytime soon. You’ll want to consider this, especially if you or your friend aren’t thrilled by the idea of spending time around lots of other people.

You may wish to think about ways to enjoy your time together without dealing with crowds, which might be a little tough right now.

Stock Up For Intimate Activities

If the person you’re meeting up with is someone you plan on being intimate with, then you’ll probably want to stock up on a few essentials. Buying protective measures like condoms are always worthwhile, especially if the ones you have expired during lockdown. Lubricant may also be a good idea, along with anything you think might heighten your experience together.

It’s possible that the stress of lockdown, as well as experiencing COVID-19, may have left you with some erectile dysfunction. You may feel embarrassed about this, but it’s not abnormal, and men of all ages can experience it at some point. Plus, there are ways you can treat it.

If you’re currently struggling with erectile dysfunction, tadalafil tablets are definitely a worthwhile purchase. You can get tadalafil in the UK via Chemist Click, which provides doses of varying strengths, including 10mg and 20mg. These are commonly referred to as weekend pills because they can last up to 36 hours – ideal if you’re going to be spending several days with someone. That doesn’t mean you’ll have an erection for a day and a half; it just means that when you’re aroused over the weekend, you’ll find it a lot easier to get it up.

Find Ways To Deal With Any Anxiety

Getting to see people again after all this time is one of the most exciting things in the world, but it can also be terrifying. If you’ve not seen someone for months, you might be worried that things will be awkward or that they won’t see you in the same way anymore. It can be even worse if you live with social anxiety, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time.

There are plenty of people in a similar boat as you, many of whom have reached out to professionals for help. That’s prompted some psychotherapists to speak out and offer advice, such as to try and live in the present. Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done, especially if you struggle to get out of your own head.

If you’re really worried about meeting up with a friend again after all this time, let them know. Those who genuinely care will help make the meetup as comfortable for you as possible.

Being able to spend the weekend with a friend is something that so many people have been desperate to do for months now. With restrictions finally starting to lift, the possibilities of what you can do with the people you love just keep growing. However, as great as this is, make sure you don’t get carried away. Make all the necessary preparations and consider the essentials so you two can enjoy your time together without worry.

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