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Iceni Magazine | February 18, 2019

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Plan Your Social Media Vacation

Social Media Vacation

It’s Summer and we’ve got a heatwave! With the schools breaking up it’s holiday season. But if you manage social media, it can be hard to take that much needed break – regardless of if you’re part of a team or it’s just you!

Everyone deserves the time to unwind, de-tech yourself and recharge your batteries, so you can come back to work refreshed and ready to take on anything. So, what tips have I got to help your holiday actually happen?

Plan ahead

Whether you’re on holiday for a few days or a few weeks, you need to prepare – whether you’re part of a team or a lone social media manager (most of us are), make sure you’re fully aware of what you’ve got lined up – this could be a promotion or an event, as this will form the basis of any scheduled content you might decide to post over your holiday period.

Then, schedule any social content across your platforms that doesn’t necessarily require immediate responses from you while you’re away – so promotional or informative content, nothing that’ll directly start a conversational thread. There’s a variety of free & paid scheduling applications out there that’ll allow you to do this for most of the main social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

If you have someone lined up, ready to look after your social media while you’re away, don’t forget to give them a handy reference guide detailing logins, applications used, any social media guidelines and useful contacts. They’ll appreciate it! And, if you have time make sure you’ve given them a good demo of what you use.

If it’s just you – then consider just letting your followers know that you’ll be away so a response might not be as quick as normal. Twitter allows you to ‘Pin’ a tweet to the top of your feed, which can be helpful in these situations.

Your Holiday – Option 1 ‘Cold Turkey’

The thought of ‘no contact’ seems too scary but it’s worth it, especially if it’s been a busy period.

So, remove all chat-based apps like Slack, WhatsApp or Messenger and then sign
out of your social accounts. That way you
can keep your phone without all the
annoying distractions!

If that all sounds too drastic and it’s brought you out in a cold sweat, there is another option,
but it requires discipline.

Your Holiday – Option 2 ‘Dip your toe in’

The key to this option is discipline. Set yourself specific ‘check-in’ times with set time restraints – this might be daily or less frequent – that’s entirely up to you. Engage with your followers just for that period. It’s tough and can be hard to manage, but if you’re on holiday with someone else maybe get them to keep an eye on your time – as they certainly won’t want you on your phone for lengthy periods of time!

Post Holiday

Ease yourself in gradually to your social, don’t make your holiday a distant memory.


Hopefully these snippets of advice might make your holiday the holiday it should be – relaxing!! If you need help managing your social media while you’re away, I offer social media support so, please get in touch with me at or at @PKirk_designer

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