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Iceni Magazine | August 14, 2022

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If it’s not all zero’s, it’s not ZeroWater

If it’s not all zero’s, it’s not ZeroWater

Up-and-coming water filter brand is making a wave in the UK as it aims to provide the purest tasting drinking water on the market.

Water filter brand ZeroWater has set out on a mission to remove all impurities from UK tap water with the release of their ready-pour pitchers, providing the purest tasting drinking water on the market. Made of BPA Free Polypropylene and ABS and certified by NSF International for standards 42 and 53 to reduce both lead and chromium, the brand has launched 7, 10, 12 and 23 cup pitchers, as well as additional replacement filters. ZeroWater is devoted to its passion to remove all dissolved solids from the UK water system and promises a 99.6% purification rate; the equivalent of purified bottled water, whilst leading brands including Brita Maxtra leave over half behind.

With a 5-stage dual ion-exchange filtration system combined with patented technologies, ZeroWater works harder to provide a filter that exceeds the conventional. Activated and carbon reduction removes the accustomed chlorine taste in its first stage, which then proceeds into the ion exchange stage, removing virtually all dissolved solids left over from public water systems and piping. The three additional stages eliminate all leftover impurities to ensure that every glass delivers a “000” reading on the free TDS water quality meter that is provided with every purchase. ZeroWater is the only filter to achieve this TDS level required in purified bottled water by The Food and Drug Administration.

“It’s got a different technology and filter than the very well-known competitors of ours out there. We have a product that removes essentially all of the dissolved stuff in your water and Lead just happens to be one of those things.” Said Doug Kellam, CEO, ZeroWater. “For most people, it just gives you much better taste. In this instance, it actually eliminates the lead down to the point where it can be NSF certified.”

The pitchers all include an additional cup of water in its reservoir, with designs that are space-saving, lightweight and practical, ensuring that you are able to fill any bottle or cup. The 23-cup container also includes an access flap to fill the dispenser whilst it is still in the fridge to avoid strain or spillages, as well as a built-in TDS meter holder. All purchases will include the pitcher or dispenser of choice, a ZeroWater Ion Exchange water filter, a TDS meter to provide a digital measurement of the Total Dissolved Water in your tap and filtered water

Prices start from £24.99 from


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