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Iceni Magazine | August 10, 2020

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Know The Different Types of Lathe Machines


The modern world of production requires machines that can produce and finish parts at a speedy space and with an exceptional level of consistency. This requirement does not exclude the lathe machine, which is one of the oldest and most significant machine tools.

The lathe machine is a device that helps shape objects by cutting, drilling, sanding, or formation with a tool through rotating the item on its axis. In general, a lathe machine is used to give shape to a work piece and consists of many parts. There are many different types of lathe machines that are used in various industries. Here is a look into the common types available in the market today.

Engine Lathes

These are the most common types of engine lathes and their primary parts include:

  • Headstock
  • Tailstock
  • Bed

Furthermore, this type of machine comes with a feature that enables you to easily regulate their speed. This is to ensure that you can perform a wide range of tasks with the machine. They are also available in different sizes to allow for use in diverse applications.

Wood Lathe

If you are looking for the simplest lathe machine, then wood lathe would be your perfect choice. With the main parts as headstock, tailstock, bed, and tool rest, this machine is designed for turning wood. It is imperative that you have refined skills so as to accurately turn smooth curves.

Toolroom Lathe

This particular type of engine lathe is designed specifically for high-precision work. Tool room lathe is normally used in tool shops where precision fixtures and custom parts are produced. Since it is produced with special attention to spindle accuracy, smooth operation, and precise alignment, the machine is able to deliver better accuracy than the ordinary lathe.

Turret Lathes

If you want to apply varied types of operations to a single piece of work, then this should be your ideal choice. Turret lathe machine not only ensures that you can work very fast and not waste time, it also ensures that you can have exceptional results. Time is saved on the fact that you don’t have to remove and transfer the work piece to another machine.

Special Duty Lathe

This type of lathe machine is used for special purposes, like heavy-duty production of identical objects. In most situations, the Special Duty lathe is used to accomplish tasks that cannot be done by standard lathes. You can find several types of lathes, the most common of which include:

  • Crankshaft
  • Multi-spindle
  • Automatic
  • Brakedrum
  • Jeweller’s lathes

The CNC lathe

This one is computer controlled. It comes with several benefits such as powered axis drives, high-speed repeatability, as well as feedback control. All you need to do to use this lathe is to set it up. Moreover, you don’t need any special tools to obtain remarkably curved contours.


When it comes to shaping plastic, wood, or metal parts, Lathe machines come in handy. Given the many different types of lathes, you must ensure that you are using the right machine in order to achieve excellent results. In that regard, you need to do proper research and find the machine that best suits your needs before you make a purchase. If you don’t have the time for research, then you can just head straight to a reputable dealer like B&M Machine Tools. They will always have the right machine for you and at the right price.

Article By Lauren Williamson

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