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Iceni Magazine | September 25, 2021

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Inflatable Kid-Sized Roller Wheel

Inflatable Roller Wheel

This inflatable kid-sized Roller Wheel has been designed with roly-poly fun in mind!

It’s the perfect size for youngsters to climb through or roll around in and is suitable for use both indoors and out.

thumbs up roller wheel

As well as being brilliant fun, the Roller Wheel also helps children sharpen skills like coordination, cooperative play, physical strength, visual and auditory stimulation and more. Plus, because it comes with pump that makes inflating it easy, you won’t get out of puff before the playing begins!

The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel Costs £30 from Amazon

Iceni Magazine Review

Upon seeing the package, the boys were excited to tear open the box and inflate the roller wheel immediately.  Patience is definitely not something either of them possesses!  A couple of days (of constant nagging) later, we finally found the time to open the box and pump it up.  The foot pump was effective and it took around 10 minutes in total to inflate it fully.

“It looks even cooler than the picture on the box!” was the verdict once the roller wheel was ready to use.

The box states that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but, unfortunately, not living in a stately home means we don’t have enough floor space for the kids to use it safely indoors.  Outside, however, it was a huge hit!  The boys loved rolling around in it, both independently and pushing one another. We are lucky enough to have a green opposite our house, which proved to be the perfect place to use the roller wheel.

After a couple of weeks of it being inflated, it needed more air pumping into it, but we felt it lasted a decent length of time.  We have been exceptionally lucky with this glorious summer weather, so it has had an awful lot of use!


  • Fun
  • Bright and colourful
  • Quick to inflate
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Keeps the kids entertained for ages
  • Perfect for the summer holidays
  • Small to store when deflated


  • You need quite a large area to allow the kids to do multiple rolls in it.
  • Weight limit of 5 stone 7 pounds means us adults miss out on the fun!

Children’s verdict:

“We love it! It’s awesome fun!” and they gave it 9/10.


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