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Iceni Magazine | February 28, 2021

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How To Restore Old Windows

How To Restore Old Windows

Especially in old houses, the windows are usually made of wood or metal and painted.

There are still many houses with these types of windows. But they often deteriorate mostly due to exposure to the wind, sun, rain and other weather.

This becomes most apparent on the outer surfaces of the frames. In many cases, the wood opens in the form of cracks or the metal frame exhibits rust or corrosion, and the paint may begin to peel off.

If your windows are old and were originally made of metal, you will have to judge how severe any rust is. Surface rust is easy to eliminate before repainting. But if the rusting is advanced, you may need to replace some sections of the frame. New replacement sections can be welded in position.

In worst-case scenarios, you may need the help of professionals like Crittall Windows UK to fully restore the metal frame.

DIY Renovation

If we want to renovate, clean up or restore a painted window, these are the steps to follow and the materials to use:


  • Thick-grade sandpaper
  • Stripping gel or solvent
  • Paint foam rollers
  • Plastic putty
  • Synthetic paint
  • Spatula/putty knife


  • The first thing to do is scrape with the spatula everything that is deteriorated until you have a clean and solid surface free of flaking paint.
  • Then apply the gel stripper, which will remove any traces of the old paint.
  • With the sandpaper, once all traces of the paint stripper are dry, remove any paint deposits that may remain.
  • You need to clean the window of dust or any dirt and then give it a primer coat to the frame. Let the primer dry, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Now take the plastic putty and replace any old putty surrounding the glazing in the window. Let the putty dry thoroughly.
  • After the putty is completely dry, give a good sanding to the entire window again and especially to the putty, until the surface is smooth. Clean off the sandpaper dust that may remain on the window with a damp cloth, and leave it to dry.
  • Then you can repaint the frame using a suitable weatherproof exterior paint. Use as many coats as recommended by the manufacturer.

So now you have cleaned your old windows up by removing all the rotten wood or rusted metal and flaky paint. And by giving the frame a coat of primer and sealant, you give it a fixative and a sanitiser, so that later the weatherproof paint adheres perfectly.

Note: If you do not have plastic putty, you can make it with normal putty, and instead of mixing it with water, mix it with plastic paint, in this way you will have plastic putty.

You should clean and maintain your windows regularly to avoid any further problems in the future. Windows are an integral part of your home, and when in good condition can help reduce draughts and heat loss.


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