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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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How to Make your Music Band Successful in a Few Steps

How to Make your Music Band Successful in a Few Steps

For millions of people in the UK, music provides a rewarding hobby and a great use of leisure time.

Plenty of musicians make a living through their ability to perform – and they aren’t just the ones who manage to sell out arenas.

If you’re dreaming of success in the music industry, then you should be aware that the likelihood of success is statistically very low. With that said, you shouldn’t be intimidated by the numbers. If you’re good enough, then there’s nothing stopping you ‘making it’ as a gigging musician. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you’ll want to take to get there.

Respect the Engineer

If you get to the venue and treat the engineer like garbage, then they’ll be disinclined to make you sound very good. There’s no downside to good manners. And, if you establish yourselves as a band that’s pleasant to work with, the chances are good that you’ll be invited back. It’s a critical part of good musician’s etiquette.

Develop your Chops

A musician is someone who works at their craft every day. Make sure that you’re setting aside time to practice, and to work on your technical chops. If you don’t dedicate time to tightening your performance, then you shouldn’t be surprised when your audience is underwhelmed.

Connect with your Audience

Playing a great gig is about more than simply standing on stage and playing your instruments competently. You’ll want to generate a rapport with your audience. This is what will generate loyalty, and ensure repeat custom. While you might not want to think about it in this way, this is just the same principle that applies to other small businesses.

As well as involving your audience at the gigs themselves, you’ll also want to reach out over social media, and spread awareness. Don’t rely on other people to promote your band for you – this is a skill that you’ll want to build yourself.

Pay attention to your costs

Buying equipment, arranging transport, paying for food – for a touring musician, it all adds up. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re covered against disaster with the help of musical instrument insurance. This will help you in the event that your van is broken into, and all of your gear stolen.


Find out which bands are in the same position as you locally and see if you can arrange to perform together. This works best if you’re all playing the same kind of music. Putting a mainstream wedding-friendly band on the same bill as an experimental drone band is unlikely to please everyone.

You shouldn’t just be networking with other bands, however. It’s also a good idea to reach out to local DJs, promoters, YouTube influencers, and instrument manufacturers, too.

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