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Iceni Magazine | August 12, 2022

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Top Tips for Expanding Your Music Tastes

Expanding Your Music Tastes

Do you feel like you are stuck in something of a musical rut?

Choosing to expand your musical tastes means that you could discover a new favourite band or even a genre that you never expected to fall in love with. It could be incredibly mainstream or the most abstract thing you have ever listened to – that is the beauty of music! Here are some of our best tips for expanding your taste in music.

Organise Your Music

One of the first steps you might want to think about taking is organising your current music. This could highlight some of the genres that you listen to, or the artists that you are more likely to drift towards. From here, you will be able to expand out and find something new.

This can be done by creating playlists of your top tracks or downloading them and organising them manually. There are many tools for managing music downloads for Macintosh and Windows, and they will help you make sense of your current music tastes. If you only find something on YouTube, converting from video to MP3 can be done via YeetDL to help you create the exact playlist you want.

Don’t be surprised if you find that you have a very esoteric music taste. Most of us collect favourite tracks from all over, and it could result in a very interesting audio footprint when you lay it all out in front of you. However, once you know what you like, you can focus on exploration.

Head Back to the Classics

More often than not, heading back to the classics can give you a deeper appreciation for a genre and some of the giants who made it what it is today. Even if there is not too much of a classic generation for your preferred style of music, you could go back and just check out some of the best bands of all time.

For example, there are very few people who will say no to exploring a bit of Queen. You might be familiar with their most popular songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Another One Bites the Dust, but there is a lot more to their discography than these big songs. This is just one example of a big, classic band that you might want to explore.

Giving yourself a musical education to discover the greats could be one of the best decisions that you ever make. There is so much amazing music out there to discover, and you never know when you might come across a track that was made long before you were born but nevertheless seems to speak to your soul.

Focus on a Sound

Think about some of the tracks that you listen to the most, and try to focus on a sound within them that you like. This can be a great way for you to branch out and find songs with a similar vibe to them. If you can identify a certain sound that appeals to you, it can be easier for you to track down something that you like.

For example, you might decide that you like synth-driven music. Music made with synths has a very distinctive sound to it. It is often very easy to pick out when a synth has been used to create a track, and this can make it easy for you to discover more tracks that you like. Synths are also used across many different genres, so you have plenty of scope to explore!

Listen to Your Favourites’ Favourites

Why not decide to listen to the people who have inspired the artists that you love the most? This is one of the most-asked questions in interviews, so you should never have to search too hard to find out who they are listening to and who they have loved.

This can give you a rich library of people to listen to. Many artists will draw inspiration from many places beyond their own genre, so it can be the perfect stepping stone for you. Make sure you also check out an artist’s Spotify profile – many curate playlists of the people they are listening to. This is a great way to expand your musical horizons while also learning something that could make you feel a little closer to your favourite performers.

Ask for Recommendations

Of course, you can also ask for recommendations from your friends and family! They are the people who know you the best, and they are going to have some idea of the types of music you might like. They could even be able to suggest an artist that you will wish you had found sooner.

Everyone has a very different and personal music taste, but you can forge a fantastic connection with someone if you discover that you like the same style of music. Having said that, be prepared for some very out-the-box suggestions, especially if you think that they have a different music taste. Remember to not offend them if you really don’t like their suggestions – chances are that they might not like what you listen to too!

Listen to the Charts

At a push, you can also listen to the latest in the charts. Whether it is the local charts for your country or the Billboard Global charts, it can be a fantastic way for you to discover new artists. Not everything in the charts is going to be your taste, but it is a great way to quickly have a listen to new tracks.

If you are finding yourself bored of your current music and wanting to find something new, it is time that you explore your musical horizons! There is so much good music out there to explore. Whether you are listening to something that has been around for decades or you are jumping in and listening to the hottest new debut artist, the world of music always has something great to offer. Take the time to find some new music that will appeal to your tastes, it is a journey that you are never going to forget, and you could even discover an artist who will become one of your favourites.

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