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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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How to Have More Fun Eating Out

How to Have More Fun Eating Out

Eating out is like a national pastime. Whether we are celebrating our birthday or mourning a loss, we gather together to share food and drinks.

Of course, eating out with good company is one of the most popular hobbies in the UK too and although it hasn’t been quite so easy to do that of late due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are starting to ease nicely back into things now.

We all deserve to have a great time, and if eating out is your way to do that, here are a few things you can do to make it even more fun than ever before:

Choose a lively place

Obviously, with the current situation, going to a packed out restaurant may not be ideal, but even so, if you want your night eating out to be as much fun as possible, you should choose a place with a lively atmosphere. Pick somewhere that has great music (but not too loud to make conversation difficult) warm, and inviting.

Try new cuisine 

Trying exciting new food & drinks that you may not have sampled before is another really good way to make the evening more fun. From spicy Caribbean food to the unique flavours of Japanese dishes, there has never been more choice and you should sample it all. You’ll have a great time identifying new favourites and maybe finding out that your order was not to your taste, that you’ll be smiling and laughing and having a great time all night long.

Turn the phones off

Sure, taking the perfect picture of your dish may get you lots of likes and mentions on social media but it will also take you away from the moment. If you want to have a truly great night, then you need to be focused on the people you are dining with, the conversation you are having and the flavours you are tasting, So turn the phone off, fully engage and you will undoubtedly find that you have much more fun.

Don’t drink too much

There is a time and place for getting pleasantly tipsy, for sure, but if you wean to really enjoy eating out, then you need to be sober enough to sully appreciate the food that is in front of you, so sip a signature cocktail or order a nice bottle of wine, for sure, but make sure that you have your wits about you enough to soak it all up and really enjoy your meal.

Get everyone involved

If you are eating out with friends, then it is a really good idea to ensure that you are all involved in the planning from choosing the venue and the date to choosing the dishes you eat – sharing your food is an excellent way to make the night more enjoyable. The more input you all have, the more likely it is you will all be happy with the restaurant, the food and the ambience, and that means you will all be up for having a fun time.

Have fun!

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