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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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How to Convince People to Act in Solving Environmental Issues

Solving Environmental Issues

We know that environmental issues exist. The problem is that not everyone takes the right steps to solve them.

Since it’s a global problem, everyone should do something. It’s not enough for one person to reverse the devastating effects of global warming. Therefore, if you believe in the reality of climate change, you have to convince others to do the same. There should be a collective effort in solving global issues.

Present examples

The reason why some people don’t care is they don’t feel the effects of global warming. For instance, if it’s too cold where they live, they think that global warming doesn’t exist. They fail to realize that extended winter is also a result of global warming. In other areas, flooding happens because of the impact of climate change and plans have to be put in place, such as a storm prevention place (like a swppp houston plan), in order to save money and property. If you can show them the link between global warming and natural disasters, it’s easier to believe.

Present specific examples

Not everyone denies the reality of climate change. Others do it because they’re too lazy to act. They would rather accept the fallacy about global warming so they can continue doing their old ways. The best way to deal with the problem is to present specific examples. Tell them how they can help promote environmental causes. Some of them are easy, and they can do the steps at home. For instance, if you decided to shift solar energy, other people can do the same. You can even recommend solar PV Cheshire companies for people who want to give it a try. You can also share your recycling and waste segregation techniques. When people realize that there are easy steps to follow, they might do the right thing.

Use research results

Sometimes, it’s dumbfounding to realize that global warming remains a divisive issue. The truth is that scientists have the same conclusion. Global warming is real, and it’s a result of human behaviour. Use the results to present the problem. When you back your opinion with facts and statistics, you can convince others to believe.

Expand news sources

When we stick with the same media bubble, we will receive the same false information. Some of the organizations are disingenuous and have means of distorting facts. The only way to prevent the problem is by triangulating information. Tell other people to also look at other sources before concluding that what they obtained is correct. If other news outlets confirm that the presented information is erroneous, they have to ditch it. 

The point is that you shouldn’t give up on convincing others to realize the truth. We only have one world, and we can’t delay its recovery. Otherwise, it will be too late. We might not solve these environmental issues. If it happens, our children won’t have a beautiful world to live in. You’re lucky to grow up receiving the gift of mother nature. You shouldn’t deny it to your children. Don’t get tired of changing people’s minds since this is a consequential issue.

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