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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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How Make Your Own E-liquid: Step by Step Guide

How Make Your Own E-liquid_ Step by Step Guide

You can enjoy a DIY vape juice by creating an e-liquid that will suit your own taste, needs, and preferences.

By making your own ejuice, you have the power to determine the flavor, nicotine level, and most significantly how to use your vaping funds correctly. The following are the steps to consider when making a vape juice:

The Equipment and Tools

You have to gather all the necessary equipment and tools for creating your own e-liquid. You will need the following tools and equipment for this process: bottles, measuring containers, syringes and pipettes, gloves, and kitchen roll.

The Ingredients

The next step entails gathering the liquids you will need to come up with your own homemade eliquid. It might surprise you but an e-juice only has a few components which are the nicotine shots, the PG and VG liquid, and the vape juice flavor concentrates.

Know Your Fluid Measurements

How much vape fluid do you want to make? How strong is the nicotine level do you want to have in your vape juice? Would you like it to be VG thick or a PG thin ejuice? You may use a vape juice calculator for this.

Prepare the Base Mixture

Use the gloves during this step to protect your hands. According to the calculations you came up with, use the appropriately sized syringes to extract the PG and VG extracts you want and put them into the beaker you will use to create the blend. Clean each syringe thoroughly after each use to avoid any possible contamination in the future.

Add the Flavor Concentrates

At this point, you already have a flavorless ejuice. It can be vaped but you wonโ€™t have any pleasure from it. This stage is where you can experiment the most. You have to decide how strong you want the flavor to be. As a rule of thumb, 5 percent of concentrates into your vape juice will result in a subtle flavor while 20 percent is considered the upper limit which usually results in a powerful and sweeter flavor. You have to be mindful that the specific amounts in milliliters will change according to how much ejuice you want to brew. Beginners in vaping are advised to use only a single flavor or at most two flavors. Slightly less than the recommended amount of flavor is added into any of the e-liquid recipes. This will help prevent ruining the entire batch of vape juice. Beginners are also advised never to use more than 10 percent of the entire batch of flavoring concentrates.

Add Nicotine

Bear in mind that nicotine strength is based on how much ejuice you are creating. This step may be confusing for someone who is a beginner and even for seasoned ones, but a vape juice calculator can help you go through it. Various nic shots are available in the market. This makes it necessary to specify whether you want a VG or PG-centric vape juice or whether you like the smooth power of a nic salt.

Mix Everything and Bottle It

Now you have the entire concoction in the beaker. Itโ€™s time to give it a stir for everything to be mixed well. Get a new syringe to transfer the vape juice mix from the beaker to the storage bottles. When you use multiple bottles, stir thoroughly the mixture inside the beaker to make sure that every bottle has the same consistency. Once done, seal the bottle and give it a good prolonged shake. Remember that VG is highly viscous so the mixture requires sufficiently powerful shaking for all the ingredients to mix well.

Wait and Let the Ejuice Steep

At this point, you are about 95 percent done. What follows is a long wait. The vape juice is now ready for vaping, but it may not be as pleasurable as you expect. Ejuice has to steep for the flavorings to flourish and for the liquid medium used as a base to intensify. Place the bottled vape juice in a dark and cool place like inside the cupboard. Ideally, these must be stored with the lids off. Letting your ejuice breathe will lend it a darker color and a more powerful flavor. The average steep time is 4 to 5 days. Vapers use different ways of steeping. Some submerge the bottles in warm water or use a slow cooker to hasten the steeping process.


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