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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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How Can You Support Your Local Community?

How Can You Support Your Local Community?

Anyone who lives in an area with a close-knit or friendly local community is sure to understand the benefits it can bring.

Although often people overlook what they can do to give back to the community and simply fall into a position of always taking. Local communities are only as good as the people that make them up and you should always strive to be a good, all-round individual that gives back where you can.

Ways To Support Your Local Community

Don’t wait for a special occasion to be compassionate and giving, someone is in need at all times of the year. If it isn’t someone personally, it’s the area and businesses themselves that could use support. Here is some inspiration to help you get started;

Caring for the Elderly

The oldest members of our community are often the most in need and it’s here that feelings of isolation and loneliness are at their highest. Simply popping round to some of your local elders for a chat, cup of tea, and a biscuit is a fantastic way of giving back to those in need. Not only does it help those who might be isolated in the community due to health problems or reduced mobility but there are so many interesting stories to hear from those that have lived long, exciting lives. If going into their homes makes you feel uncomfortable, stick to front garden chats on the doorstep or through the window. Alternatively, enquire with the best senior home care franchise in your area and they may jump at the chance of having you support their residents. This is also a great way to lead by example and encourage the rest of the community to help others around them.

Caring for the Area

Have you taken a closer look around your neighbourhood at the kinds of pleasing scenery that needs to be maintained – often by overworked councils – and considered what you can do to assist? Litter that has been thrown to the side of the road, on greenbelts and that ends up in hedges and bushes is not only unsightly but a hazard to other people and wildlife in the community. Even an hour going around your local streets with a rubbish bag and litter picker can make a huge difference to the cleanliness and appearance and reignite local pride for their hometown.

Awareness for the Vulnerable

The elderly are often not the only vulnerable people in the community but many people struggle to live day to day for many reasons; they might be a single parent home or have suffered health issues that prevent them from working fulltime. These families can often get left behind by the people that are meant to look out for them (the government and welfare systems). Community support can offer a lifeline for these vulnerable groups, providing children with wholesome, healthy meals and ensuring they get medical attention and have access to education. Children who receive quality support and guidance from a young age are more likely to achieve great things and go on to support and provide for their community in the future.

Shop Locally

One of the best direct methods of supporting your local area is to shop at the businesses and markets that in turn support and bring interest to the region. If a local shop doesn’t carry goods that are of personal interest, you can still offer support by spreading the word to friends, family and neighbours either locally or out of town. Encouraging greater footfall and more business to your community shops and helping to keep their doors open when the economy, in general, is struggling.

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Local Charity

If you are struggling to find ways of connecting with the vulnerable people or areas in need of attention for your region, look towards your local charities. Many local charity organisations often have a database of people in need and can provide other methods of help and support, whether that’s through additional fundraising, volunteering your time or organising a community event to bring people together.

One person working hard can achieve a lot for their area but a community working together can be unstoppable. Together with your friends, family and neighbours, you can create beautiful, welcoming spaces that encourage closeness and compassion for all.


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