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Iceni Magazine | January 24, 2021

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Watch the hilarious footage of three grans on a wild road trip across Europe

Watch the hilarious footage of three grans on a wild road trip across Europe

Watch the hilarious footage that’s been dubbed ‘Top Gear meets Thelma and Louise’ – featuring three grandmothers on a wild road trip across Europe.

The game grannies were roped in to star in ‘The Gran Tour’ for, taking them from drizzly Eccles to sun-soaked Catalonia.

Pat Jones, 75, June Glass, 79 and designated driver June Lomas, 73 were plucked from their weekly tap-dancing class and sent on the adventure of a lifetime.

The grans ended up:

• Street dancing with Spanish teenagers
• Taking part in a death-defying indoor skydive
• Cracking up during a yoga class
• Creating their own giant heads out of papier-mâché

Proving you’re never too old for an unforgettable holiday, the tour saw the three Grans set off from Eccles, near Manchester, and collect the keys to a gleaming new Mercedes A-Class rental car soon after touching down in Barcelona.

As Pat and June G don’t drive, June L was given the enviable job of tour driver for their international voyage.

She said: “I’m quite a confident driver at home, but driving abroad on the opposite side of the road in a brand new automatic, was an entirely different thing.

“I was quite nervous at first – going round roundabouts is hard. I’d only been in the car a few minutes when I’d clipped the wing mirror. We made so many memories on the road – I wasn’t expecting the drive to be such a big part of the trip.”

Each of the ladies were given the chance to choose an activity, with gran-of-three Pat opting for a sunset cruise on the Balearic sea, which wasn’t June L’s first choice.

She said: “That is one thing I am not partial to, sailing. I’d rather swim behind the boat than be on it.”

The grans also found themselves street dancing with Spanish teenagers after a wild night out, making traditional giant heads in rural Catalonia and getting blasted with 120mph winds on an amazing indoor skydive experience.

Reflecting on her once-in-a-lifetime trip, Pat said: “I loved all the scenery, we had so much freedom to get out and explore. The funniest thing was when we painted and wore those big heads – we couldn’t stop laughing.

“The scariest thing was the skydiving – after I’d done it I felt incredible. One of the Junes is 80 next year and she did it, so I thought ‘I’ve got to do this.

“I didn’t even have a passport before we went because it had run out. I normally get around with my bus pass.”

June Glass is the oldest of the grans, and the only great-grandma of the group. The trio were all familiar with each other from a local tap dancing class, and while the two Junes were already firm friends, it was their first time truly getting to know Pat.

Seventy-nine-year-old June G said: “I joined a tap dancing class when I was just shy of 40, so I’ve always been adventurous, on the go.

“June, Pat and I are friends for life now. I only met Pat a couple of years ago although she’s lived a quarter of a mile away for years.

“My number one highlight was the skydiving. I was terrified at first and I didn’t want the other two to think I was frightened, but I thought ‘I’ll do it if it kills me.’ Everything we did was amazing.

“I would say to anyone, go and do what I did. One of my granddaughters has always wanted to do a hot air balloon, and she says she’s so proud of me. I said to her, ‘Go and do it while you can, don’t wait until you’re almost 80.”

Article By Richard Jenkins


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