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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Frame 3-Stage Premium Option E5 Review

Flexispot electric standing desk control panel

No one would describe me as a particularly patient person. Once I have an idea formulated in my head, I want to achieve it there and then. No delay.

When we were offered the chance of this desk from Flexispot for review, I jumped at the chance. But my impatience began immediately. I tracked the desk throughout the day. Every time I heard the ping of a new email coming through, I hoped that it was news of it arriving earlier. Finally, on the same day as expected, the base of the desk arrived. I knew that the top was a separate part, but I hadn’t envisaged it being sent out on a different day, so I was a tad disappointed to begin with. However, it did arrive a couple of days later, as the tracking information said it would.

With minimal help from my father-in-law, I assembled the base with relative ease. The instructions were clear and precise. One of the best things was that all the small components came in lettered bags, making it easy to identify which were needed at each stage of the construction. All looking good so far with just the top to add. That was a simple step too thanks to the (mostly) pre-drilled holes. All we really had to do was decide how wide we wanted the desk to be and use the corresponding holes.

Flexispot electric standing desk

In under an hour, two cardboard boxes filled with components had become a simple, clean-looking desk with many features I was keen to try out. With two monitors, two external harddrives and speakers all needing space, this robust piece of furniture accommodates them all, both in terms of the area and weight.

This electric standing desk from Flexispot has a height range of 62 to 125cm, allowing me to work from both a seated and standing position.  During lockdown, because I was stuck in the house for longer periods of time, my back has definitely suffered as has my daily step count. This versatile working arrangement means I can give my back a rest, improve my posture, and be active while I work.

Being at your desk, possibly for hours at a time, staring at a screen, can be a challenge. Simply moving around every now and then helps productivity and focus. This desk has revolutionised my working day. 

Flexispot electric standing desk legs

It is available in black, silver and white. I opted for the white version because it would fit in perfectly with the other furniture we already have in the office. After assembling, we noticed a few bits of glue. Initially, I was concerned that it was damage, but with a little clean, it looked pristine, and was certainly nothing to worry about.

There is minimal effort involved with the rise and fall of the desk. In fact, it really is fool-proof. The simple keypad allows you to alter the height at the touch of a button. No longer is it a case of trial and error because you can store specific heights into the memory. The movement itself is smooth, so no worries about anything jolting off and being damaged, but with a lift speed of 3.8cm per second, it won’t take you all day to go from a seated to standing position. There is a little noise as it moves, but nothing serious. One of the features I was most impressed with was the compartment tray underneath the desk, which allows the powerpack to be stowed away neatly.

Flexispot electric standing desk complete

The desk frame is priced from £359.99 with the top costing from £139.99. At first glance, you may feel that this is a high price to be paying for a piece of office furniture. However, I genuinely believe it is worth every penny.

Available to purchase directly from Flexispot or from Amazon, you are just a click away from changing your work habits for life.


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