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Iceni Magazine | April 19, 2021

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Dash Cams: Everything you need to know

Dash Cams: Everything you need to know

All road users hear the exact same thing from their families or driving instructors when they first start driving: Always expect the unexpected.

While it is all well and good saying this, some accidents are just unavoidable. No matter how careful you are it only takes one careless driver to cause an accident. We all have stories of lunatic drivers or even maniac cyclists who have nearly caused an collision. These types of scenarios happen every day, therefore it is important that we prepare for the worst. The solution to this is dash cams.

What Is ADash Cam?

Dashboard cameras have started to flood the market as the level of insurance fraud has risen. These dash cameras can be attached to the front windscreen allowing the camera to record the road in front of you. Having this video evidence can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your valuable no claims bonus.

How does a Dash Cam work?

Depending on the make and model you buy, your dash cam can be powered off several sources in the car. Some of the dash cameras have an internal battery built in. Others plug straight into the 12v cigarette lighter port or you can also hardwire the dashcam directly to your car battery. Hardwiring makes for the cleanest finish getting rid of any cables in the cabin. If you feel adventourious you can attempt to hardwire this yourself, there are plenty of YouTube videos online illustrating how to do so. Hardwiring your dash cam means that the minute you turn on your car the camera starts recording, eliminating set up time.

The memeory of dash cam really varies depending on the price point. Some cams have small internal memory other use an SD card or Micro SD card, which increases the amount of footage you can record. The bigger the memory card the more footage you can store. How this footage is stored is usually done in 5-minute intervals, making separate files on the SD card. Many dash cams use loop recording, this is when the memory card is out of space the dash cam will overwrite previous files. With some of the higher end dash cams, they have a crash detection feature which locks any clips that have set off the crash sensor.  Other varieties of dash cams include a rear view camera and a dual dash cam which records both the front of the car and the rear view.

Why Do I Need A Dash Cam?

So, the question you are probably asking yourself right now is, do you actually need a dash cam? The main reason people purchase dash cams is to have video evidence if it came to a lawsuit or claim. The HD footage is concrete evidence that you were not in the wrong, making any cases against you quick and easy to deal with. If you find yourself in a collision, simply extract the footage from your dash cam SD card and give it to the authorities. Your car insurer can now use this footage to determine the outcome of the case, avoiding expensive fees. Having this extra piece of mind outweighs the cost of the camera itself. The level of cases that have been determined due to footage from dash cams is so high that some insurance companies are offering discounts on car insurance. (Ideal)

Dash cameras are legal to use in Ireland and the UK, allowing you to use the footage in a court of law. However, the legality of these cameras varies depending on which country you are in.

How Much Does a Dash Cam cost?

When you decide that a dash cam is something you need, your next task is to figure out which one you should buy. There is no point getting a cheap camera that has low resolution and poor-quality footage, as it won’t serve its purpose properly. You are investing in your personal safety; therefore, you shouldn’t cut corners. The minimum requirements we recommend is to have a dash cam with a 720p camera recording at 30fps. This level of camera provides a clear and smooth recording, capturing small details like number plates. Following camera quality, you should look at the range of viewing angle. Getting a camera that has a 120° view will capture a wide shot of the road ahead. The final aspect you should consider is the size and installation of the camera. This will depend on what cam you want to buy and whether or not it can be hardwired to the car battery.

MicksGarage Top Picks on Which Dash Cam to Buy

Budget Option – NextBase Dash Cam NB112

One of the most popular dash cameras we have at the moment is the NextBase 112. It records video footage at 30fps with its 720p HD camera. This dash camera has a 120° view which uses an SD card to store any footage recorded. This camera is not as discreet as the more expensive models but if you can get past that then it definitely is worth buying. The NB112 has a small screen which displays any footage you wish to view, which is great as you don’t need to connect it up to a computer to watch recordings.

Midrange Option – NextBase Dash Cam 312GW

The big brother to the NB112 is the NextBase 312GW. This model has a full HD camera which is 1080p and an increased view angle of 140°. This camera has a night vision feature that records in the dark. With its built-in WiFi, the 312GW lets you view and save footage through the app. Finally, it provides GPS information such as speed and location as a means of further proof if needed during a dispute.The next step up from this is the NextBase 512GW

Premium Option – Blackvue Dash Cam DR590

The Blackvue Dash Cam DR590 is one of our high-end models, with one of the best specifications on the dash cam market. The lack of display on the rear means you have a discreet camera that won’t get in your way while driving. A far sleeker design than the NextBase 312GW the DR590 has a 1080p HD camera which shots in 60fps. The higher frame rate creates a crystal clear recording with no glitches or delays. This Blackvue dash cam has a 16Gb internal memory and a fairly impressive night vision mode, helping you capture footage 24/7.

Additionally, this model is also available as a dual Dash Cam bundle. The second camera captures footage out the rear-view window of the camera. Protecting you from all angles.

Crème De La Crème  – Blackvue Dash Cam DR900s 

If your still not satisfied with our other options our highest spec dash cam is the product for you. The Blackvue DR900 is the top dog when it comes to dashcams. With a 4K camera, it can shot the highest quality footage on the market. Don’t believe us? Head over to Youtube to watch some of the footage its amazing. Regarding, to angle view, it boasts an ultrawide view of 162°, wider than every other model we have. Built-in features include dual band WiFi and Blackvues cloud service, allowing you to upload any footage you’d like to store for safe keeping. Like the DR590 this model has amazing night vision that will record clear images in the dark. Also available in a twin bundle with a rear-view camera. It really is a serious piece of kit!

So, there you have it, a complete rundown on what dash cams are and what makes one different from the other.Contact us and we’ll let you know which is the best dash cam for you, simply send us an email at and our team will help you to get Car parts for less. We will help you and we’ll make sure that you’re getting the best price every time!

Until next time, the Car Parts Experts.


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