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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Cleaning Facts Nobody Told You About

Cleaning Facts Nobody Told You About

Do you know the best time to clean? How about the most important places to start cleaning first?

Who knew that cleaning could be so complex and challenging–especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This blog post will cover some of the facts about cleaning so that your home will stay squeaky-clean!

Disorganising Is Still Cleaning

The definition of ‘disorganisation’ has many meanings. It could mean mess, a different form of organising or decluttering.

For example: If your clothes are on the floor, but you have a designated place for them to go, then it’s technically considered clean. The same goes for dishes that need washing! If they’re in your sink and out of sight, then you’ve cleaned up by getting rid of clutter.

Disorganising is also about clearing out clutter and getting rid of them or separately storing them. With storage facilities available, it’s easy to collect all the unused items at home and store them in a safe space where they don’t clutter your rooms.

Marinate Cleaning Surfaces With Antibacterial Cleaners for at Least 2 Minutes

Clean surfaces with antibacterial cleaners and allow at least two minutes to elapse before use. This is a crucial cleaning tip for those who are immunocompromised or have a weakened immune system. It allows the cleaner enough time to break down any bacteria on the surface before cleaning.

Shutting Your Windows Won’t Prevent Dust From Accumulating Inside

Locking your windows won’t prevent dust from accumulating inside, even if you do this every day. Shut windows get covered in dust, too, so the process is ongoing throughout the year no matter how often they’re opened and closed. Dusty surfaces accumulate more rapidly if your house has lots of carpets or furniture with fabric covers.

Other factors to keep in mind include humidity levels and pets – these can contribute to the dust in your home. As a result, you shouldn’t be discouraged about cleaning when factors outside of your control may make this more difficult.

Cleaning Promotes Weight Loss

Cleaning is a great way to help the body and mind. It promotes weight loss by giving you a chance to move your body and clear out chemicals that may cause weight gain. Cleaning can also help with ridding the body of toxins that might prevent weight loss. It could be as simple as more time spent outside! Make sure to get your hands dirty and clean up a mess occasionally. The key is to have a clean mind, body and home.

You Can Cook Your Cleaning Sponge To Disinfect It

Cooking your sponge kills all the germs and bacteria that can cause illness.  You only need to make sure you don’t cook it too long or at too high of a temperature, which could damage its ability to absorb liquid.

Make certain you let your sponge cool before using it again, as it will be hot for several minutes.  You can also use this method to disinfect your dishcloth.  By cooking it, you kill all the bacteria and germs that could spread while cleaning.


Be sure to use these cleaning facts, and don’t forget your favourite household cleaner when it comes time for a spring clean!

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