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Iceni Magazine | April 22, 2021

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Social Media

Revealed! The New Forest Is The Nation’s Favourite Forest According To Instagram and TripAdvisor

September 26, 2018 |

The UK’s most ‘Instagrammed’ Forests have been revealed and the top 10 most hashtagged forests are in England

The hashtags for 70 of the forests in the UK were collected and compared in order to compile the list. … Read More

5 low-cost ways to promote your business online

September 21, 2018 |

Online advertising has proven to be a very important way of helping the business reach a wider market.

Nonetheless, the case might be different for businesses that cannot raise the high amounts of money needed to help get … Read More

It’s All In A Name!

September 10, 2018 |

To quote a rather famous Jedi Master “Choose wisely, you must” and Yoda’s right. Getting your username right is really important across the social platforms. So why is it important?

When you’re starting any business you think long … Read More

Four in 10 millennials ‘can’t live’ without social media, according to research

September 5, 2018 |

Four in 10 millennials ‘can’t live’ without social media, according to research.

Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults aged 15 to 24 found they are increasingly dependent on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and couldn’t bear … Read More

This is how social media is putting Brits at risk of burglary

August 9, 2018 |

Millions of British adults are leaving themselves open to security risks – by over-sharing on social media.

A study of 2,000 social media users found 22 per cent share to social media when they’re on holidays, days out … Read More

Plan Your Social Media Vacation

August 7, 2018 |

It’s Summer and we’ve got a heatwave! With the schools breaking up it’s holiday season. But if you manage social media, it can be hard to take that much needed break – regardless of if you’re part of … Read More

Tips to kick-start a successful career in digital marketing

July 13, 2018 |

Are you looking to foray into the digital marketing world?

Well, there is no better time than right now. With the increase in number of internet users and multitude of websites, digital marketing has become the need of … Read More

One in five young people hacked on social media

June 11, 2018 |

Video shows how easy it is to get personal information out of unsuspecting 16 to 25 year olds

It’s very easy to over-share on social media nowadays and it seems a fair number of us are … Read More

Twitter Metrics to be aware of

May 2, 2018 |

We all focus on creating unique, interesting content and try to increase engagement with your followers but are we paying attention to how successful we are at it?

The following are the common terms you’ll encounter when delving … Read More

Six in 10 Brits have posted something online they’ve later come to regret

May 2, 2018 |

Six in 10 Brits have posted something online they’ve later come to regret, it has emerged.

Researchers found our thirst to keep friends, colleagues and relatives up to date with every aspect of our lives comes at a … Read More

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