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Iceni Magazine | September 22, 2020

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Can’t Beat A Chance To Win Free Money!

Can’t Beat A Chance To Win Free Money!

In a world of lottery in the UK where Camelot have doubled the ticket price for the Lotto draw as well as increasing the number of balls in then draw to 59, making the odds of winning significantly longer, it comes as no surprise that there are some people out there that are looking to provide some other lottery options.

We saw this when Lottoland kept offering EuroMillions tickets for £2 when the standard price was also raised to £2.50 by the draw operators (although this is technically lottery betting as opposed to buying a ticket), and there is also the new-ish phenomena of free lotteries.

What Free Lotteries Are There?

Whilst free prize draws and smaller local lotteries have been around online for many years, free lotteries really came to the fore much more recently when the Free Postcode Lottery was launched a few years ago and now has a very loyal following in the UK. Since then there has been a huge swath of other free lotteries such as DOB Lotto, Emoji Lottery, and Free Birthdate Lottery that use either your birthday or choice of emoji as your entry.

None of these other draws seemed to have captured the imagination as much as FPL (now called Pick My Postcode after a legal battle with the People’s Postcode Lottery) but there has been a new site launched recently called Free National Lotto (FNL) that looks like it might be the first new one that stands a chance of being a genuine rival.

While FPL uses your postcode as the entry for their main draw, at FNL they use the more traditional approach of selecting some numbers, in their case picking 5 numbers between 1 and 40, and once you have picked your numbers you will be entered for the two draws currently on the site, which are the Daily Draw and the 5-Ball Draw.

As the name suggests the Daily Draw is every day, and though the jackpot is just a fiver, you have a great chance of winning because a winner is drawn at random from the active players, apparently about 6,000 to 1 right now. The 5-Ball Draw in contrast has a very healthy jackpot of over £1,500 now, which is pretty decent considering its free to enter but the odds of winning this are a lot longer at 658,008 to 1.

If you are reading this and are a little sceptical about where the prize money comes from then it actually makes complete sense because it comes from ad revenue generated from banner ads on the site and the offers section. Don’t worry, there is no obligation to take any offers on the site to keep getting entered, you just need to visit the site every day to see whether you have won or not.

So, if you want a chance at some free money for 2 minutes of your day you can sign up at

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