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Iceni Magazine | June 24, 2024

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All You Need To Know About HONOR Magic 5 Pro Price In the UK

All You Need To Know About HONOR Magic 5 Pro

Different States are selling tech products made by different brands.

Honor is also a leading provider of useful and latest smartphones and many other gadgets. These same products are being sold at different price ranges in different parts of the world. Honor products have the same case in different countries. The price of Honor smartphones in the UK varies from the price of its products when compared with other states. The HONOR Magic 5 Pro price in the UK is around GBP 968. This is the expected price which can be changed at the time of this big launch.

Honor has set up its platform in the UK. This read will tell you about the price of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro. You will learn about the specifications of these Honor Magic phones. Let’s get started.

An Overview of Honor Magic 5 Pro price in the UK:

The price of the HONOR Magic 5 Pro in the UK is quite reasonable. Its price is expected to be around GBP 968. However, this price may vary depending on the current situation in the UK. Above all, the company will decide by itself whether to increase or decrease this price for its sale on a large scale. You can get these honor magic phones for GBP 935 from different stores of Honor in the UK. As you know, there are multiple variants in the internal storage capacity of these honor phones, so each variant’s price may vary. It’s all about the performance and versatility of these phones, which will decide their price.

Throw some light on the key specifications of HONOR Magic 5 Pro phones:

The key specifications of Honor Magic 5 Pro phones are listed below.

  • The key specification of these honour magic phones is the presence of all kinds of networks ranging from the simplest 2G to the most advanced 5G.
  • These phones have around 12GB or 8GB RAM. Both options are available in RAM, which is the key factor behind the different prices of these phones.
  • These phones are equipped with a Li-Po fast charging battery that is efficient enough to fuel up the whole empty battery of your phones. This honor phone battery is around 5100mAh. These batteries are usually non-removable.
  • These phones have 6.8 inches displays which are big enough to support all kinds of fun and enjoyment. You will get a good screen companion from these honor mobile phones.
  • They have octa-core super-efficient processors. These processors are good for increasing the performance of your phones. These processors are equipped with durable casings and dual stereotype speakers that are used for good-quality sound.


Until now, you have read about the HONOR Magic 5 Pro price and the specifications of these phones. Getting octa-core processors along with exceptional battery life is like a dream come true for most people. The price of these Honor Magic 5 Pro phones in the UK is already mentioned in this article which is around GBP 968, which is quite affordable for people.


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