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Iceni Magazine | October 24, 2020

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Uni-versal Power!

Power up on the go and in style with this glorious Unicorn Power Bank from ThumbsUp!

From slippers to mugs to bath plugs the world has gone unicorn crazy, so for any fanatics out there of the rather popular horned rainbow creature we have the next best thing, it’s the Unicorn Power Bank from ThumbsUp!

No more ordinary it’s time for extra-ordinary!

There is no underestimating the mystical powers of this mighty yet rather magical unicorn that goes above and beyond to power up your gadgets and gizmos. No matter where your day may take you pop this handy Unicorn Powerbank in your pocket or bag and when your device needs some much needed juice let the powers of a 2000mAh battery work its magic! You’ll be ready to reconnect with the real world in no time!

The device even comes with a handy LED indicator, so you know just how long you require your unicorns mystical power for. But how can we forget the main event, the design! With a glorious purple mane, rainbow colored horn and vibrant blue body whether it’s a little gift for yourself or have the perfect unicorn lover in mind this Powerbank would make a fun yet practical idea if you’re stuck for inspiration.

It’s out with the sensible, dull and boring power banks and in with this cheerful little edition sure to brighten up your day, after all who wouldn’t love this majestic unicorn by their side?

The Thumbs Up! Unicorn Power Bank is available to buy online from ASOS for £14.99.


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