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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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5 New Supplements That Combat Depression

5 New Supplements That Combat Depression

Depression is a serious condition and if you look at the statistics both in the United States and throughout the world it can be pretty alarming.

In the United States alone nearly a quarter of people that you have met will have suffered from depresstion at some point. And you might even be part of this statistic yourself.

There are many ways to fight depression that can compliment your routine medication and treatment. Here are some new supplements that have been proven to be incredibly effective in being able to combat the signs of depression.

1. B-Complex

Most people have seen B-complex in the vitamin aisle of their supermarket or drug store, but unless it has been specifically recommended to them they don’t realize what it is and never take it. Or they just never thought to ask why they would need it in the first place. The truth is that B-Complex vitamins are essential for staying healthy both physically and mentally, and if you are lacking B-Complex in your diet then you can expect to feel both more tired – and more depressed. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then B-Complex could be the perk-up that you need to get back to your health.

2. Fish Oil

Several decades ago the only real way to get fish oils in as part of your diet was to actually eat fish. However, due to both allergies and just simple dietary preference, there are a lot of people who prefer not to eat fish. Fortunately today that’s not an issue as we have supplements that can help you restore what’s lacking in your diet. Fish oil (and Omega-3) supplements are great for your brain – and if you don’t like to eat fish, then you don’t have to anymore either. You can find fish oil with the vitamins at your drug store, and you can combine it with some of the other methods listed here to potentially improve the symptoms of depression.

3. Vitamin D

Did you know that if the levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin E in your blood are off, then you may not be absorbing the nutrients from anything else, either? Many people underestimate the importance of these vitamins in their diet, and they forget that Vitamin D can be extremely important in being able to ensure that you are in the physical shape that you should be. It can also have an effect on the mind, and a lack of vitamin D may be directly tied to clinical depression. Vitamin D can be found in many supplements that you can buy over the counter, though it can also be bought as a supplement on its own.

4. St. John’s Wort

There have been lots of recent studies that have explored the physical benefits of St. John’s Wort – and it’s now generally understood that it can be exceptionally effective in being able to treat the symptoms of depression: While more studies still have to go into it, we know that taking St. John’s Wort may help you will feel much better as a whole, and as a result impact managing depression in the long-term. Of course it shouldn’t necessarily be combined with medication so always consult your doctor first before trying it.

5. CBD Oil

A lot of studies have been unearthing the overall benefits that come with taking CBD oil on a regular basis. If you have been battling with the symptoms of depression and it’s been getting you down, then definitely consider CBD oil. It has been noted that cannabidiol can be helpful in treating an entire range of depression related issues. CBD has become very popular over the past few years and it’s worth doing more research on this interesting supplement.

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