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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Which are the benefits of Electronic Cigarette?

Which are the benefits of Electronic Cigarette?

Did you know? According to the latest research, more than 8 milion people have now switched from Traditional cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes? 

Sounds Interesting, Right? However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why millions of people have chosen vaping over smoking!!

There should be a reason why people are picking e-cigarettes, and who doesn’t know that smoking is extremely dangerous for every organ of the body!

Smoking is also one of the main reasons behind cardiac arrest. Due to the dangerous side effects of smoking, most smokers want to save their lives and switch to electronic cigarettes, which are better alternatives than traditional cigarettes. If you are interested in buying electronic cigarettes from a reliable source, consider this new online shop terpy which has all the products related to vaping.

Remember: less harmful is always better than totally harmful!

In this informative post, you’ll get to know how electronic cigarettes can help you if you are a beginner: I am leaving smoking and the benefits of e-cigarettes for your overall health.

How Electronic-Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes are quite different from traditional cigarettes. They are battery-powered devices that are packed with a nicotine solution, propylene glycol and water. They might sometimes resemble traditional cigarettes or flash drives and mobile phones, and they are cylindrical in shape.

The process of inhaling the vapour is quite similar to the smoking sensation and commonly known as vaping. When you take a puff on e-cigarettes, a battery warms up the solution to create a steam/vapour so that you can inhale. Also, many e-cigarettes are used with a liquid containing pod, and the liquid is often flavoured and offers a taste such as blueberry and bubble gum. There are countless flavours available in the market which you can enjoy.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Not only random people are bragging about the benefits of electronic cigarettes but, people have experienced this innovation by themselves. Here we are mentioning some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes:

●      E-cigarettes are Inexpensive

You might say that traditional cigarettes are affordable, but you are a little mistaken here! There is also a huge difference between the traditional cigarettes and the e-cigarettes budget. When someone buys a pack of cigarettes. or even a single piece, he usually ends up paying more, which makes it more expensive than vaping—the reason why traditional smokers pay far more than the vape users is that they regularly consume cigarettes. Also, the cost of cigarettes is increasing with time and is not going to decrease anytime soon. In e-cigarettes, you have to invest only one time until it’s working properly! 

●      You are controlling Your Nicotine Intake

Another advantage of e-cigarettes is you can control the amount of nicotine that you are consuming. When you use traditional cigarettes, you breathe in a large amount of tobacco or maybe more, which is obviously quite damaging to human health. In contrast, you can vape with or without nicotine. Also, e-liquids/Juices come in different strengths of nicotine from 0% to 36%. Another plus point is that you can easily experiment with the nicotine dosage according to your preferences (light or strong).

●      Your Motivation to Totally Quit the Smoking

Vape users were once the traditional smokers, and non-smokers were once the e-cig users. This statement is quite true. It’s common to observe that many of the cig users found other alternatives of the cigarettes or even experimented with the nicotine patches, but all of these were unsuccessful.

Only vaping is the best and safe alternative to smoking. Whenever, smoker switches to e-cigarettes, their need for nicotine starts altering and such time is surely the accurate time to decrease or stop the smoking habit. With the passage of time, smokers can also quit the smoking habit through e-cigarettes.

●      Socially Accepted

We all know the dangerous effects of smoking cigarettes, right? Even if smoking is common, it’s not accepted by society. However, when it comes to vaping, society has a different view. Many consider it less harmful, while others consider it more harmful than traditional cigarettes.

●      You are Gaining Immediate Satisfaction

The gratification is immediate and quick with the e-cigarettes, and it can easily kill the smoking craving. E-cigs need initial tinkering when they are ready to be lit, and you can quickly use the e-liquids/juices for the longest time without methodical maintenance.

●      Electronic Cigarettes Are Environment Friendly

Ever listened to anyone saying cigarettes are beneficial for the environment? In fact, smoking is not only harmful to the health but the health of those who don’t smoke and are living near the smoker. This surely means the whole world is bearing the side effects of smoking and the environment is unsafe. However, electronic cigarettes are eco-friendly, as they don’t have a smell or smoke like tobacco-based cigarettes.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that e-cigarettes have improved the whole user experience and contributed to changing the lives of millions of people by taking away their extreme habit of traditional smoking. Also, there are different vape attachments and e-liquids that could effortlessly be used with any device of e-cigarettes.

So are you going to try E-cigarettes for quitting the habit of smoking?

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