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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2022

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What to Expect in Your Driving Test

What to Expect in Your Driving Test

Many teenagers dream of the day when they can gain independence by buying and driving their own car.

The benefits and the appeal are easy to identify and to understand, but before it can happen, they must first learn to drive. And it is with this in mind that here we take a look at what to expect in your driving test.

The 5 Elements of a Driving Test 

Whether you are taking the driving test in a car with a manual gearbox or an automatic car, the test is the same and is made up of 5 different elements. First, you’ll be given an eyesight test to ensure your vision is up to the job.

Then there will be a variety of questions on vehicle safety followed by an approximate 40-minute drive – these make up elements 2 and 3. Reversing your vehicle makes up the 4thelement and finally you will be asked to do some independent driving to complete the test.  

The Eyesight Check

The eyesight check has been the same for many years and involves you reading out the number plate of a parked car that is around 20 meters away from you. If you are unable to do this then the test will go no further and it should be noted that if you use spectacles, you will be allowed to use them.

Show Me Tell me

Show me, tell me is the part of the test where you need to answer the vehicle safety questions– tell me questions before you begin driving and show me whilst you are driving.

The 40-Minute Drive

You will drive around the local area and en route you’ll experience different types of roads and traffic conditions – motorways, however are used in the test. You will be tested on your ability to stop and start the car, including a hill start and sometimes you will have to conduct an emergency stop.

The 40-minute drive is also when element 4, the reversing test happens. And you may be asked to do 1 of 3 things; parallel parking, drive in and reverse out of a parking space (or vice versa) or pull over and reverse on the right-hand side of the road.

The Fifth Element

Independent driving involves following instructions from a sat nav or being asked to follow the road signs to navigate to a specified location.

Throughout the 40-minute drive you will only be asked to stop if you are considered to be a danger to yourself or other drivers.

Passing your test is an experience like no other, a real once in a lifetime. So why not celebrate by checking out a car supermarket, such as Fords of Winsford and search for your first motor car!

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