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Iceni Magazine | October 17, 2021

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Online gaming trends in the UK: what to expect

Online gaming trends in the UK

The UK continues to be one of the biggest audiences for online gaming.

The market now stands at approximately £13.8 billion in revenues in September 2016 alone. The doors have been blown off of the market, and new innovations are making their way to the forefront. Here is a primer on the online gaming trends in the UK and what gamers can expect in the very near future.

From Desktop to Mobile

More and more people are shifting to playing games on mobile devices, which has many implications for the delivery of service, the visuals and the atmosphere of gaming. Mobile devices are not as powerful as desktops, but they create a bigger opportunity for real-time online play and cloud connectivity. Building a community around gaming is easier now than ever, and the visuals will catch up very soon.

For example, Casumo has a great range of online casino games available for UK players on mobile. The world of mobile gaming is growing, and we can expect more innovations as new players enter the market. There is still plenty of room to grow here.


The government is trying to keep up with the world of gaming, passing many regulations attempting to protect the information that passes through the industry. These regulations have often been targeted by industry experts as a problem for innovation. On the other side of the coin, more regulation often helps the casual gamer feel safer about moving into the market. As it stands now, the rules that UK institutions must live up to are some of the strictest in the world. With 45% of the country participating in online gaming, this may be a good way to expand the audience to the people who are on the fence.


One of the biggest categories in gaming that continues to grow is e-sports. Social media is playing its part in introducing many people to this phenomenon. There are also many third party hardware and software producers creating platforms that are specifically for the subgenre. All of this makes new audiences to the space easier to get than ever. As it becomes more convenient to bet on sports, you can expect e-sports betting to grow even more. E-sports includes not only traditional sports like tennis and basketball, but also new digital sports on games like Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat. The video gaming industry is one of the fastest growing spaces in online gaming, with plenty of money already circulating through tournaments that are beginning to rival the size of poker tournaments.

Alternative Currency

There is a palpable increase in the interest behind using cryptocurrency in the online gaming space, and producers are responding. Large gambling sites across the world are embracing this new way of accepting payment. Because crypto allows people to make transactions without banks, the opportunity for improvements in convenience are massive. To many people, cryptocurrency is right at the center of the future of online gambling.

A Safer World

Online gambling institutions are becoming more accurate at rooting out fraud that occurs in-game, not just during the payment stages of play. There are many illegal things that hackers do in-game to make playing more difficult for honest players including bonus abuse, chip dumping and account takeover. With more gambling institutions rooting out fraud, the market is more open than ever for gamers who just want to get in and have a good time.

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