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Iceni Magazine | August 13, 2022

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These are the top 30 things Brits love to do on a Sunday

These are the top 30 things Brits love to do on a Sunday

The average Brit spends their Sundays scoffing a roast dinner, walking it off on a long stroll and watching a film on television, a study has found.

A survey of 2,000 Brits revealed two in five take the opportunity to enjoy a roast and all the trimmings, while the same number use the day off to get outdoors and grab some much needed fresh air.

According to the study, on a typical Sunday the average Brit will have four hours and 42 minutes of downtime, however less than one in five find the time to sort out overdue life-admin tasks.

And only one in six tidy up their finances on the Sabbath.

Seventy seven per cent of Brits keep a to-do list of tasks they need to complete, ready to tackle at the weekend – ending the working week with six pieces of life admin to tick off over their free time.

It also emerged more than half are conscious they could make more of ‘Sofa Sundays’ by carrying out jobs on their to-do list.

And nearly two thirds of those polled admitted Sunday mornings can ‘fly by’ without them getting up “to a huge amount”.

Peter Earl, head of energy at, which commissioned the study, said: “As highlighted by this research, Sunday is an ideal day for consumers to take back control of their household finances – turning traditional ‘Sofa Sundays’ into a money saving triumph.

“That’s why we’ve launched the SundaySwitch campaign, to encourage the nation to make the most of their downtime and realise just how easy it is to switch their energy supplier – getting a quote and checking whether you’re on the best energy tariff takes just minutes, but can save households a significant amount of money on their bills annually.”

The study also found almost one in two Brits prioritise making the most of their free time over anything else on a Sunday, and 43 per cent think Sundays are primarily for relaxing and recharging after a hard week.

As a result, three in five admit they put off their Sunday to-do list, with more enjoyable activities taking priority.

Nearly a third indulge in a lie-in, and three in 10 use the slower Sunday pace to get some exercise.

Three in 10 of those surveyed, via OnePoll, get out visiting friends and family, and almost two in five prefer to spend the day in front of the TV, preventing them from cracking through their to-do list.

Other activities Brits enjoy doing on Sunday include reading a book, listening to music and doing some gardening.

Nearly one in 10 ensure they spend their Sunday afternoon at the pub, while one in seven think Sundays are made for doing the big food shop to keep the cupboards stocked for the rest of the week.

Comparethemarket is encouraging consumers to make the most of their Sundays during the eight week-long SundaySwitch money-saving campaign which involves Mollie King, Simon Rimmer and Chris Kamara.

To read more about SundaySwitch click here: []

Have a roast dinner
Go for a walk
Watch a film on TV
Clean the house
Visit friends and family
Do some laundry
Read a book
Have a lie-in
Listen to music
Mow the lawn (in summer) / Do some gardening
Sort out ‘life admin’ like dealing with bills
Take a nap
Watch TV in bed
Binge watch a box set
Go out for a meal
Do a big food shop
Wash the car
Go to the pub
Prep meals for the week ahead
Have breakfast in bed
Go to the cinema
Play a boardgame
Recover from a hangover
Go clothes shopping
Go to church
Do work prep ahead of Monday
Go to the gym
Check work emails
Go for a run
Do yoga

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