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Iceni Magazine | July 1, 2022

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Tips For Efficiently Running Your One-Person Business

one-person business

Running a business alone has both its benefits and drawbacks. The huge amount of flexibility and control you have over the direction of the company can reduce stress by a lot.

On the flip side however, pushing your business to greater success can feel like climbing Everest. The most important thing when it comes to doing these things alone, is efficiency. Finding quick and easy ways to tackle difficult or time-consuming tasks is essential when you have lots of things to do. Here are our best tips for tackling efficiency making sure your one-person business runs as smoothly as possible.

Business Planning
To further your success in business, you’ll need to create an in-depth and easy to follow business plan that you know you can stick to. You may think that writing out an in-depth plan is unnecessary as you’ve got everything figured out in your head. But all too often, people fall into this trap and realise that they are constantly forgetting to handle important tasks. It’s so important for you to create a strong business plan to avoid those issues. It will help you to avoid potential problems further down the line and help you to save some time when making important decisions.

Free Up Your Space
As a one-person business, you’re likely running everything from home. Without proper organisation or your space, you may find yourself getting bogged down by work-related resources. If you’re producing a product for customers, for example, raw materials can quickly take up roomfuls of space. Consider using some self storage for your business which can be found in most cities around the country. In Manchester, you can find highly secure companies like Easy Access Self Storage to both free up some space at home, and keep your resources and products safe.

Time Management
Sometimes it’s a good idea to set goals that will be difficult to reach if you feel like they could spur you forwards. But other times, it may be necessary to be reasonable and not give yourself too much of a hard time. Try not to take on too many jobs at once though. Remember, you’re just one person and overwhelming yourself with tasks, no matter how important, is a sure-fire way of burning out and risking the collapse of your business. Manage your time effectively by allocating reasonable deadlines for yourself. Plan your current tasks carefully and decide on how much time will be needed for each. Don’t forget to give yourself some leeway in case things don’t go to plan, which can happen often!

Streamline Your Online Presence
The age of digital marketing has been upon us for many years now, and having a great online presence is as important as ever. Just because you’re the only person in your business, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to reflect that in your website or social media. A professional website and social media platform can portray an air of expertise that is often only reserved for larger corporations and businesses. Consider outsourcing your web design or even social media if you’re struggling to handle these tasks. A bad website can turn people away from your business, no matter how good your products are, similarly with poor quality social media. If you’re running your own social media channels, you’ll want to make sure you’re posting regularly. Make use of scheduling software to get those posts out often and to maintain good levels of engagement and impressions.

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