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Iceni Magazine | July 21, 2024

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Taking Care Of Safety For Your Employees During Office Renovation

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Office Renovation: As a business owner, you must know how essential it is to have a well-kempt space for your operations, no matter the situation you are in.

If your office space is shabby and unfurnished, your clients are certainly going to doubt your expertise. This is why occasional renovations are necessary. They could include adding new furniture, boosting your floors, improving the lighting, changing the layout, and the like.

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to decide to keep their offices open while the renovations are still taking place, in order to earn more money. However, it is necessary that you think about potential hazards that might put your employees in danger.

Come up with a safety plan

A good safety plan that you and the renovation team need to hold on to must follow OSHA standards. It needs to be completed before any work gets done. This includes choosing people who are going to supervise it, the project owner, as well as the general contractor.

It is a fact that even when all the regulatory guidelines are followed, the construction work is bound to create debris and odors that are going to have an effect on both your clients and employees. If proper measures aren’t taken, people could become ill, or their chronic problems, like dermatitis or asthma, could turn for the worse. You mustn’t forget the fact that even the work done while your business isn’t running affects the quality of the air indoors.

Think about safety standards

A safety plan is generally just a guide. In order to make it truly effective, you need to be strict about safety standards that need to be followed. These include:

  • Ensuring that new fixtures are ready to be installed in each area that your schematics are covering. You might want to preinstall them if possible.
  • Upgrading every posted layout or schematic and including an evacuation route.
  • Letting your merchandise vendors know all about renovation plans and dates.
  • Sweeping your floors on an hourly basis.
  • Closing all the aisles that are under renovation.
  • Using as little extension cords as possible, in order to ensure safety and easy movement between areas.
  • Making sure that your employees and the renovation team have protective items which they can use.
  • Keeping in mind that your customers and clients are at risk during the process. This is important because they could include vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children.
  • Placing warning signs that are visible to your clients in order to keep then alerted.
  • Knowing that your clients don’t have the awareness of the dangers that your employees do.

Make room for the renovation

During your renovation, it is necessary to get rid of all the clutter, and keep at hand only the items that you truly need. First of all, consider hiring a waste removal service like EWM Dumpsters. You will have a lot of waste to dispose of and you will need a heavyduty solution.This tends to be a problem for a lot of businesses, as they already have store rooms that are overstocked with items that their employees need to use on a daily basis. If you go for the quick solution and stack items on the highest shelves, or ignore this problem and have your aisles cluttered with unnecessary items, you are increasing the possibility of accidents. Items could fall on your employees and injure them, or people could slip on all the clutter and fall.

The best idea is to find a affordable storage solutions that can temporarily store your items and decrease the danger of getting injured. Next to storing the necessary items at a secure place, you also need a dumpster that is big enough to hold all the waste and make it easy to be taken to the nearest waste and recycling plant. Make room for the items that your workers use on a daily basis, and move all the others into your rented storage space. All the things that you haven’t used for years should go into the trash. Those that you occasionally use should go through a thorough selection of which are needed and which are not.

In summation

In order to make sure that your office renovation goes smoothly, you need to create and stick to an extensive safety plan. This way you can be sure that both your clients and your employees are safe during the process.


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