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Iceni Magazine | July 2, 2022

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Strictly Briks Trap and Gap

Strictly Briks Trap and Gap

The Classic Trap & Gap 10″ x 10″ Blue, Green, Gray Baseplate 4 Pack by Strictly Briks has 2 Base Plates, 2 Trap Doors & Gap Baseplates and 15 Stackers.

This unique baseplate by Strictly Briks takes the classic Strictly Briks stackable baseplate design that you know and love and adds to it with the addition of trap doors and ramps that open up tons of creative possibilities! From castle towers to parking garages to homes, you can go from level to level with action figures, cars, and all sorts of toys.


Strictly Briks® classic building bricks play nice with other toys and are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands. Our classic size products are a guaranteed tight fit with any standard size building bricks, no matter what existing brand of building bricks or construction brick sets your child already owns.

The Classic Trap & Gap by Strictly Briks is available to buy online from Amazon for £21.99

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