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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Six automated investments that are perfect for retirees

Six automated investments that are perfect for retirees

Managing a complex chain of investments and funds on a daily basis is not a task many people want to undertake during retirement.

This is why automated investments overseen by “robo advisors” on digital platforms are a great option as the whole process is streamlined to make investments easier and less time consuming.

Automated investment is defined as pre-programmed investments and trading decisions made on digital platforms through the use of algorithms. These decisions are based on a range of data and variables including a person’s income, risk tolerance and end goals. Automated advisors use cutting edge tech and calculated principles to make trades and rebalance portfolios over time.

Automated investments are not limited to just robo advisors though as a number of investment companies in fields including stock markets, shares and real estate now support the practice. You can decide whether you want an auto investment option that creates a portfolio from scratch or just manages the process after you have selected a few preferable investments. So, what are the best options for retirees?

Forex trading

Foreign exchange trading can be incredibly lucrative when executed correctly but there are volatilities and risk exposure to consider. There are also a vast number of trades made every second in forex and a wide range of factors that can affect the price of currencies. However, brokers have made automation easier recently with features such as copy trading and more comprehensive auto-invest options which can give you an edge over the competition and maximise returns.

Bitcoin robots

Bitcoin robots


Auto trading is an accessible entry point into the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. For retirees with a preference for a more hands off approach, auto trading is ideal as it involves the use of sophisticated programs with complex algorithms. Robots written with powerful coding manage automated investments by forecasting the value of assets and making informed decisions based on big data.

Humans are prone to a wider margin of error which can make the trading of bitcoin (BTC) particularly challenging and volatile. will help you to find the auto-trading bitcoin software that can executive these crypto trades more safely and effectively. These trading bots, such as Bitcoin Fortress, do not require expert knowledge to operate and they will enable you to build a portfolio and manage it independently. They also support auto-reinvestment, a process where dividends earned are reinvested into more of the same crypto.

Digital investment apps

Digital investment apps are one of the more affordable auto investment options for retirees as a portfolio can be built from a minimum outlay of just £1 per day. These apps have auto investment tools and customised education content that will guide you through the formative creation phase and then take over the management aspect for fees as little as 0.25%. With these apps, you will be able to buy into company stocks and shares and invest in startups.

P2P lending

If you are looking for a high performing investment strategy, look no further than peer to peer lending sites. These P2P platforms allow you to work with investment companies that can deliver returns of 10% per annum or more while reducing your risk exposure via diversification. Auto investment options are available here, helping you to create a portfolio, filter potential borrowers and advance loans automatically.

Robo advisors

Robo advisors are perfect for small scale investors such as retirees who want to top up their funds without a huge scale investment. These advisors deployed through a broker of your choosing will protect and grow your investments after a bespoke portfolio has been created. The management fees are low and you will be able to invest in diverse EFTs.

You may want to opt for a broker who uses human investors to complement its automated systems for that personal touch and expert guidance when you need it. Robo advisors are also useful as a starting point for your investments if you are struggling to come up with a robust strategy.

Fixed rate bonds

The lowest risk option for retirees is a fixed rate saving option with a leading bank. You can deposit as little as £2,000, choose the length of term and then sit back and earn interest at a fixed rate. You will know exactly how much you will earn and be able to get interest paid directly to you.

Automated investment options have advanced significantly during the last decade and for retirees, they represent an excellent means for financial planning and the management of socially responsible investment portfolios with the prospect of steady returns over time.

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