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Iceni Magazine | October 17, 2021

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New campaign for mental health awareness shows hidden messages in letters

New campaign for mental health awareness

Moonpig have launched a mental health awareness campaign. Encouraging Brits to find their voice, reach out to people who may be struggling and to ‘see the hidden message’ when communicating with friends and family.

As the camera gets closer, the words fade to reveal the ‘hidden message’, something which the sender wanted to say but found difficult to express.

In one of the videos, a mother writes to her child, commenting on recent Facebook posts, on her challenges using technology, and gardening.

Towards the end of the video, the hidden message emerges: “You’ve gone quiet, call me whenever”.

In another video, we see a note from a friend mentioning job hunting and planning a summer break.

The real message is then revealed as “I really wish I could hug you”.

The week-long campaign has been created to encourage us all to open up during mental health awareness week.

Sarah-Jane Porter, Head of Cards at Moonpig said: “They say a face can tell a thousand stories, but when we can’t see our loved ones in person it’s much harder to know what is going on with them, let alone in their heads.

“Many of us have grown quite used to video calls by now, but expressing how you feel can sometimes be difficult.

“This is why we wanted to help people feel more comfortable to express the things that matter, and reach out to each other during Mental Health Awareness Week with 5,000 free postcards for five days on the Moonpig app.

“Written messages allow us to pour our emotions onto paper without any pressure. It’s easier to express feelings, concerns and care – things that many might feel uncomfortable saying out loud in person.”

“It’s important for us at Moonpig to help people stay connected with the ones they love, even when they can’t see them.”

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