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Iceni Magazine | June 4, 2020

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How Murder Mystery has become a popular event for 2016


Murder and mystery have always been part and parcel of the human experience.

We all are drawn into the world of mystery; it’s human nature. We also really enjoy the twists and turns for what causes someone to murder or be murdered. Even if we are otherwise peaceful individuals, it’s just a fact of life. This may explain how murder mystery has become a popular event for 2016.

Murder Mystery Dinner: The great thing about these murder mystery events is that very often they are a whole night or weekend and the mystery is packed into the whole experience. Who doesn’t love an expertly crafted dinner with their best mates while they are trying to solve a vexing murder puzzle? It is the great food, the mystery, and the overall experience that are how murder mystery has become a popular event for 2016.

Murder Mystery Nights: Another great thing about these murder mystery events is that they can be an amazing part to your overall fun night or weekend. Imagine if you are having your hen party, stag do, birthday party, or family night out and you have it set to the backdrop of a murder mystery evening? Murder mystery makes you take everything with a little bit more whimsy and the murder mystery nights just lend themselves to a whole bunch of enjoyment. If you have never been to one of these things before, why wouldn’t you partner it with an otherwise memorable event like a hen party or stag do? Then you can say that on that night you hosted one such event, you really killed it!

Murder Mystery Events: One of the great things about murder mystery events is the sheer volume of places that you can host them. You can have your murder mystery events at any of the amazing hotels in Birmingham or London. Some of the places that you can choose to host your event include the Hotel Russell, Browns Courtrooms, or the Covenant Gardens Hotel all in London or Mcdonald Ansty Hall, Hotel du Vin Birmingham, or the Mcdonald Burlington Hotel all in Birmingham which promise you a nigh to remember.

Corporate Murder Mystery Events: If you have always had it out for your boss or your co-workers there may be no better place to take them than a murder mystery evening. This is one sure fire way for you to let out all of your pent up frustrations with your co-workers or pin the murder itself on your boss who you just dislike so much. Even if that’s not the case and you like your co-workers having a murder mystery event that’s got the corporate bent can still be a real hoot for everyone who is involved.

Now that you see how murder mystery has become a popular event for 2016 it is easy to understand why you might really want to go ahead and begin planning one of these events. One of the best spots to go to let loose your murder mystery fever is Murder Mystery Events. As their tagline says they are just dying to please all of their customers. They have got a full lineup of top quality actors and actresses to take you down the twisted storyline that actually can even involve your party as well. When you call on a professional group like this they will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone in your party has a staggeringly good time and that this event; be it corporate, friends, or family; will be one of those evenings that none of you will ever forget.

Article by Lauren Williamson


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