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Iceni Magazine | September 18, 2020

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Location, location, location … unless with friends.


  •  51% would rather live in the best flat in the worst area than the worst flat in the best area. 
  •  78% of flatsharers care more about the people they live with than the area they live in 
  •  More than half of flatsharers would not share a flat more than 2 people. 
  •  But, 1 out 5 flatsharers have no choice but to share with more than five other flatmates 

Eight out of ten (78%) British flatsharers care more about the people they live with than the area they live in according to research published by EasyRoommate today (12th November 2015). In a market where there are eight seekers for every available room, the results show more than a third live with four or more flatmates and one in five flatsharers live in flats full to the brim with five or more. Half (52%) of sharers actually want to live with two or less. 

It also turns out flatsharers care more about the aesthetics of the homes they live in rather than the area they live in. Just over half of British flatsharers (51%) would rather live in the best flat in the worst area than the worst flat in the best area. In spite of this, sharers still dare to dream about living in their most desired “boastcode” – a term coined by EasyRoommate to describe the most popular postcodes. 

This is most pronounced in London with Notting Hill voted the top boastcode in 2015 by flatsharers, followed by Camden, Shoreditch, Soho and Angel. But with rental prices continuing to skyrocket, almost three quarters (73%) of London flatsharers say they can’t move to their desired area because it’s too expensive. On top of this, almost half (49%) of those based in the capital are concerned an increase in rental prices in the future could see them moving out of the city for good. 

While cost is the principal concern, poor employment opportunities (30%), an increase in public transport prices (17%) and an increase in crime (14%) would also influence London flatsharers to move away from the city. 

With flatshares full to the brim, manners are the name of the game with more than half (52%) of sharers having no tolerance for messiness saying this is the least attractive quality along with dabbling in drugs. More than a third of flatsharers also avoid roommates who are loud (39%), passive aggressive (36%) and unreliable (34%). 

On the flipside, almost of half of flatsharers (46%) love sociable flatmates with a great sense of humour (48%). When it comes to spending time together, collaborating in the kitchen is the activity that trumps all others for more than half (60%) of sharers. 

Most flatsharers don’t worry about their prospective flatmates’ political views (80%), relationship status (76%), religious beliefs (71%), job type (73%) or their gender (64%) but almost half (44%) consider the type of company their flatmates keep. While money is a concern, sharers aren’t particularly fussed about having financially savvy peers in the flat with only 10% saying this is a trait they look for. 

EasyRoommate Chief Executive, Albin Serviant, says: “The research highlights that rising costs are making it harder for flatsharers to move to their dream boastcode. If sharers can’t live in their ideal location, it’s all about making sure they have the crème de le crème of house buddies 

“London in particular needs to move quickly to tackle its housing challenges because as our research highlights, the number one concern for flatsharers in the future is increasing prices, and this could see them driven out in their droves if this is not addressed.” 

British flatsharers top five favourite things to do together 

1. Cooking together 
2. Watching TV 
3. Having deep and meaningful conversations 
4. Going out on evening trips 
5. Going out on day trips 

Top five traits British flatsharers FAVOUR when looking flatmates 

1. Responsible 
2. Great sense of humour 
3. Sociable 
4. Considerate of others’ feelings 
5. Reliable 

Top five traits British flatsharers AVOID when looking for flatmates 

1. Messy 
2. Drug taker 
3. Loud 
4. Passive aggressive 
5. Unreliable 

EasyRoommate’s Top Ten London Boastcodes 

1. Notting Hill 
2. Camden 
3. Shoreditch 
4. Soho 
5. Angel 
6. Clapham 
7. Islington 
8. Hackney 
9. Earl’s Court 
10. Battersea 

About EasyRoommate is the world’s number one flatshare and houseshare website. Running for over 10 years, it operates in 25 countries across the world, in eight different languages. It has over 50,000 rooms to rent worldwide and a 100,000+ strong community of potential tenants. 

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