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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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Increase in Used Car Purchases in 2021

Increase in Used Car Purchases

It may seem counterintuitive to say that returning to the personal commute may help to save the environment, but it is quite true! Let us take a look at how this is possible.

New Car Extravagance

Buying a new car is a luxury for most people, and unfortunately, for the earth, it is one that the planet cannot afford to support. Building new cars requires a lot of resource intensive mining to be done, and the manufacturing process, too, is heavily intensive, releasing harmful chemicals into the air and water nearby, and transforming natural elements into compounds that can become harmful.

Virus Dodging

With the recent global pandemic of an airborne virus, many people now feel unsafe on public transport, especially with such high incidences of asymptomatic infection – where a person has the virus and can spread it to others, but is himself or herself symptom-free, feeling absolutely fine. This has led previous eco-warriors who embraced communal transport to return to the road, in their own – virus-free – automotive bubble!

Second-Hand Benefits

But they are opting for second-hand cars. This instantly reduces their carbon footprint against those of new-car owners as the impact of all that mining and processing is absorbed by the length of use of the vehicle. In fact, buying a second-hand car helps not only your own environmental impact, but also retroactively reduces that of the car’s original owner or previous owners!

More Benefits

But you do more than reduce the environmental impact caused by the manufacture of the car! You will pay exponentially less for a second-hand car than you will for a new one. This is because the relatively high level of depreciation means that a car’s value drops immediately it is driven off the sales lot – and a very good condition, fairly new car could be yours for as little as half the asking price when it is new!

Less Taxing

Taxes paid on second-hand cars tend to be lower too, mainly because they are based on that reduced retail price, so the financial inducements just keep going! Road tax will be lower too, and your insurance premiums should cost less than they otherwise would.

Finally, choosing a second-hand car gives you so much more choice than you would otherwise have. A good dealership will be able to offer you the choice of several years’ worth of vehicle models, and along with this you will have the peace of mind of a thorough check: mechanical soundness, financial legality of sale and so much more – the dealership takes great pains to ensure that the car is in great condition, and they also offer a number of warranties and guarantees to offer you even more confidence in the used car market. One such credible car dealership is KAP Motors. They offer a wide range of fully inspected used cars at the best local prices. So, if you are inclined towards buying a used car then start with scheduling your free used Nissan test drive today!

It really is a win-win!


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