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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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How to Stay Fit When Recovering from an Injury

How to Stay Fit When Recovering

In the fitness field, injuries are inevitable despite how cautious one is. Sometimes they’re just pure accidents.

In the many years that I have explored fitness, I have gotten injuries on four occasions. Out of the four, one particular knee injury kept me away from the gym for a lengthy period due to the extent of damage caused. This was a setback for me because I could not attend the gym to stay fit. Whilst I could have gone to Hire Fitness, or similar services, and rented something to use at home, this wasn’t something I thought of at the time. Being the fitness freak that I am, I came up with unconventional ways to stay fit. I came to learn that some of these methods can even be fitness routines when I’m not in rehabilitation.

Focus on Nutrition

While recovering from injuries, it is very difficult (and sometimes dangerous) to engage in physical workouts. Food plays a crucial role in ensuring one stays fit. When in such a situation, I make sure to take food recommended by my nutritionists to remain in good shape. I avoid fatty foods to avoid adding excessive weight.  Carbs become a no-go zone. This is a good activity recommended for people recovering from injuries, either serious or minor. Drinking enough water also does my body good during the rehabilitation process.

Seek the Help of a Chiropractor

Seeking the assistance of a skilled chiropractor in Cincinnati, OHor elsewhere can be beneficial for maintaining fitness while recovering from an injury. By addressing not only the injury but also related muscular imbalances and alignment issues, these healthcare professionals can facilitate a comprehensive recovery process. Likewise, they can alleviate pain, restore mobility, and prevent future complications through targeted adjustments and rehabilitative exercise. Put simply, by incorporating chiropractic care into their recovery regimen, individuals can expedite the healing process and regain their strength and function more quickly.

Accept Other Professional Help

Of course a chiropractor is a good place to start, but there are other professionals that can help you through this stage. Your coach, if you have one, is a good person to go to as they want you to be fit and healthy, giving you advice on how to do this. You might also want to see a massage therapist who specialises in sports massage to help keep your muscles in the best possible condition. There are a lot of things that go into keeping fit when recovering from an injury and it’s going to be hard, but allow people to rally around you and help.

Walk and Run

When recovering from an injury, I like doing short walks and runs. On a fit day, I walk and run for at least an hour. During the recovery period, I do less intense walking and jogging sessions. This is applicable for people whose injuries are on the upper part of the body. Walking exerts pressure on the lower body part. If one has a serious injury on the legs, it is wise to wait until the injury gets better or engage in other exercises favoring the hurt leg.

Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a good cardio exercise for people recovering from injuries. This exercise helps me keep fit while injured because it requires minimal strength. The less intense workout involves carrying my weight as I go up the steps. The exercise increases my heart rate and helps burn calories. When climbing up the steps, make sure not to exert pressure on the healing part. If it causes pain, give the exercise a break for the injured part to recover.


Swimming is both a fun activity and an exercise. As an exercise, swimming is recommended for people recovering from injuries because it requires less energy than most workouts and is an active activity for the body. The body is suspended in water and the only effort required is on the arms and legs. When I’m recovering from injuries, I like swimming because it helps me stay fit without affecting my injury.

Doing Russian Twists

Russian twists are great exercises that help me work on my shoulders and hips. These are good workouts to do while injured because one does them while seated. During recovery from injuries, make sure you do not get too intense with the exercise because it may result in pain on the injured joints. It is a good exercise to keep one going while waiting for a full recovery.

Engaging in Bear Crawl Push-Ups

Bear crawl push-ups work well for me while I’m recovering from injuries. For such workouts to be effective and not worsen the injury, do them moderately. This exercise helps my chest and back, quadriceps, shoulder, and hamstrings. In case this exercise ignites the injury, I give it a break until I attain full recovery.

Doing Planks

While injured, it is difficult to lift weights because there’s a high risk of causing harm to the injury. Planks act as a substitute for weightlifting because it involves lifting the body weight. This exercise helps me work on my arms using a less intense method. When the injury is on the hands, I go for alternative activities to help me stay fit.

Staying fit when recovering is always a challenge. Diet adjustment is a key requirement during such phases. Moreover, the particular injury determines what exercises you can do as you recover. Whenever you are recovering, always exercise in moderation if you have to.

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