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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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How to Make Your Garden More Child-Friendly

How to Make Your Garden More Child-Friendly

Whether you’ve got children or often entertain relatives and friends with young kids in tow, one thing’s for certain: they will want to play in your garden!

The thing is, many homeowners or householders don’t realise their gardens could be potentially dangerous for children.

What’s more, those gardens might not be fun places for kids to play. You’re probably reading this because you feel like your garden could do with being more child-friendly. With that in mind, check out these inspirational ideas to transform your outdoor space:

Get Rid of Anything Dangerous

The first thing to do is survey your garden and remove anything that could be harmful to children, especially babies and toddlers. For instance, things like gardening tools or ornaments could easily injure kids. They should get removed and kept out of sight.

Some people might have piles of old bricks or rubble in their gardens. It’s a good idea to remove those as well. Never leave anything to chance where children are concerned.

Create a Fun Play Area

If you’ve got a large enough garden, it could make sense to segment some of it and turn it into a dedicated play area for kids. For example, you could get a swing and slide set for children to use or even something like a home basketball court for older kids to use.

What you add in your play area will depend on the age of the children using it, your available space, and, of course, how much you’re willing to spend. Even something as simple as an outdoors playhouse or summerhouse will give children hours of fun!

Create a Sensory Garden

It’s no secret that outdoor spaces like gardens will stimulate children’s sense of sight and smell. Using that information, you can make your garden a more sensory environment for young and impressionable minds.

Bright coloured plants in various shapes, sizes and colours are one fun way to achieve that goal. Another is by planting aromatic shrubs in your garden. Having a sensory garden helps teach kids how to distinguish different plants by their looks and smells.

Of course, you should avoid planting anything that could be toxic to children if ingested or even touched. Also, consider avoiding the use of chemicals, especially if you also have dogs visiting your garden on occasion.

Give Kids Their Own Plot

Teaching children about plants and how they grow is both a fun and educational experience. You could create a section of your garden that your children can control. They can grow things from seeds and learn how to ensure their plants grow healthy and strong.

Children enjoy doing things that grown-ups do, and so giving your kids a plot of land to grow plants is a way for them to feel like a grown-up.


Gardens are such fun and inspirational outdoor spaces for children. They help foster creativity in kids, and they’re the perfect venue for summertime fun. In winter, they’re also good places to build snow people!

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