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Iceni Magazine | December 2, 2021

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How to make money through UK online sports betting

How to make money through UK online sports betting

Sports betting has become a huge business in the UK and making money through it has never been more accessible.

Whilst the prospect of winning money through sports betting appeals to fans of any sporting discipline the reality of winning money through sports betting isn’t perhaps as simple as meets the eye.

Unpredictability is at the heart of sporting appeal and with so many factors to consider, punters can often be undone by the drama of sports betting.

The UK sportsbook market has boomed in the last two decades, with high street betting shops becoming a thing of the past and online, instantaneous betting becoming very much part of society in 2020.

Having more betting avenues at your disposal isn’t always profitable as it can muddy the waters somewhat but for punters looking to broaden their betting horizons, it can certainly help.

With so many things to consider before starting out on your sports betting journey here is a guide on how to make money through UK online sports betting:

Look Out for the Free Bet Offers

When signing up to a bookmaker in the UK, most of the biggest companies offer new players a handsome welcome promotion.

They come in a variety of forms, but they are a tried and tested method of attracting new players to a sportsbook.

A key benefit of the free bet offer for punters is that it allows you to make an informed decision as to whether a particular bookmaker is the one for you and allows players to become comfortable with the user interface.

Furthermore, having free money to bet with is always beneficial for every punter – regardless of their bank balance and betting aspirations.

Some companies offer a free bet to new players, even if they don’t initially deposit any funds into their account. As a consequence, punters can use the free bet no deposit bonus, that still exists regardless of whether the first bet wins or loses.

Other sportsbooks offer new players risk free first bets, meaning if their first bet loses – they are refunded their initial stake.

Any bonus is welcome for every punter so always look to utilise them but be sure to check the terms and conditions of every offer before you indulge.

Develop a Betting Strategy

Like any attempt to succeed, having a strategy helps and for sports punters sticking to your guns is essential.

Try to develop a bespoke strategy that works well within your budget and your betting aspirations.

For example, having a maximum betting budget of £10 per day doesn’t sound like much but it can help you make more informed decisions with every bet. Throwing caution to the wind may come off now and again but blowing the daily budget can have disastrous consequences and can leave you chasing the wins.

The same theory applies to odds too. Only bet on things that can bring value to your betting balance and if you have a minimum/maximum odds barrier – don’t break it as coping with the losses is as important as enjoying the wins.

Look Out for Market Variety

Such variety in the marketplace can be a bit of a minefield for punters but it is also something to be embraced.

The world sporting calendar is jam packed with betting opportunities and although COVID 19 has affected spectating sporting events in person, punters can always access a sports betting market.

Niche sports also present an opportunity to utilise enhanced odds and as a consequence better winnings are often paid out.

So, scour the market to find the best bet for you.

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