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Iceni Magazine | July 3, 2020

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flannders gin

I have always been a lover of food and drink, one of my sayings is to, ‘try everything once.’ 

Norfolk Gin

This is a saying that I have applied to food; leading to me eating Snails, Frogs legs and even Whelks. I do draw the line at anything with more than 4 legs though. I have in the past tried something and not liked it, this was my case with Gin, then one day I was taken to a bar in Ghent (Belguim) and tried my first Jenever. Jenevers were brought over by the Flemish and Dutch along with their art of distilling.

My word, life changed! I found out that there were not just the heavy flavours of English Gin but light botanicals that give the taste buds a dance in the meadows of the country side. Created not just by the herbs and spices added, but by the storing and blending of the drink.

Why, you may think am I a beer expert waffling on about Gin? On 9th July Norwich will be holding its 2nd Gin festival. This is the new up and coming drink, forget your Vodka, or your Whisky, Gin is where it is at. 

Bullards Gin

It has proved so popular that the event has  added an extra day.

Norwich and Norfolk’s love of Gin is not new. In the last couple of years, we have had the local gin of Norfolk Gin (crafted by Jonathan Redding) and now Norwich Gin (from Bullards) joining the Gin scene. Since succeeding in their crowd funding, Wildcraft Brewing will be presenting us with their foraged fruit Gins.

What am I looking forward to trying, is the aged Gins, for me they have a more rounded taste, they are not harsh on the palette and can be sipped.

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Beer Sommelier

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